Russian dirty game in Odisha; Cooking Punjabi mess; Hosting Olympics in 2036

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Russian dirty game in Odisha?

Critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin often fall to their deaths. Pavel Antov and his friend in an Odisha hotel joined several of the Putin critics who have died mysterious deaths. The state police didn’t see it important even to preserve viscera. Why should India be a playground for this dirty game?

The Times of India in an Editorial has stated that at least large countries raise the cost of such dirty game. The UK has cracked down against China for setting up police stations. China has done it in several countries. The daily reminded that a car of an Israeli diplomat was also attacked in New Delhi allegedly by Iranian secret agents. The daily wondered if China could also indulge in such sports on the Indian Territory. The daily sought beefing up counter intelligence infrastructure and measures, saying “…well-resourced, highly trained espiocrats are part of becoming a major power”.

Russia has carried out such killings in Goa and other cities. The state police would certainly need to gear up to investigate cases of killings of foreign nationals. At least, they can follow the basic policing protocol, and not give out they can be bought for a few bucks by anyone.

Cooking Punjabi mess

The ruling Aaam Aadmi Party has kept its promise of the making the state free of electricity bills. Only a few months ago, Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh mann had come to the Governing Council meeting of the Niti Aayog to seek Rs 1 lakh crore bailout package from the Centre. But the people in Punjab will consume electricity and not pay bills. This has to be straight out of the house of policy thugs.

The Pioneer in an Editorial has said that over 90 per cent of the domestic consumers in Punjab got zero electricity bills, while underlining that 97.9 per cent of the people in the state will avail some kind of subsidies. The daily also stated that a group of economists have informed Finance Minister that Punjab has already made a transition from debt-stressed to debt-trapped. It also stated that Punjab government has already created an atmosphere in which the Punjab-based industrialists are moving out to other states.

Punjab had been debt-stressed for several years, because the politicians promoted a culture of entitlement among the people for freebies. That Punjab is relatively a place of affluent people and yet freebies is popular shows public complicity in the journey to economic disaster as has been the case of Delhi. The people will ride the SUV but not pay Rs 20 ticket for parking has been the story of Delhi and Punjab.   

Hosting Olympics in 2036

Dreams fuel aspirations. India too in some quarters dreams of hosting the 2036 Olympics. But playing to the emotional gallery is a certain recipe for disaster. It will be crucial for sane voice to call the bluff of some day-dreamer.

The Economic Times in an Editorial has said that India along with Qatar and Indonesia will be in contention to host the 2036 Olympics. The business daily has counted the infrastructure gains by hosting the 1992 Asian Games and the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The daily has also cited a report to claim that India is on course to become a $10 trillion economy by 2035.

People are made to consume such lofty commentaries to satiate their entertainment needs. Memories of horrendous preparations for the 2010 Commonwealth Games have not yet faded. China has paid heavy economic cost for hosting Olympics. A country that runs scheme of free foodgrains for over 80 crore people must not indulge in such delusion. 

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