Wary world races to shield from China Covid wave spread

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By Manish Anand

New Delhi, December 28: China on Wednesday claimed that the Coronavirus in circulation is less pathogenic. The world is in disbelief. The spike in Covid cases in Japan with a single all time high fatality has sent a shockwave in the global capitals. The US and India are putting in place measures to curb arrival of Chinese variants of the Coronavirus.

“Since COVID began three years ago, the Chinese government has poured all efforts into protecting the life and health of every Chinese. Globally, China has the lowest rates of severe cases and mortality. Average life expectancy in China went up from 77.3 to 78.2 years,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on Wednesday.

The world is not keen to commit the grave mistakes of 2020 by eating from the hands of China on the outbreak of the pandemic. Chinese claims face serious credibility issues, as the world enters into the fourth year of the pandemic. The US is reporting higher number of Covid positive passengers at the airports, as has been the case with India too. South Korea, Japan, Asean countries are witnessing sharp rise in the Covid cases, with experts linking the trend to the Chinese tsunami of the Coronavirus.

“With Omicron less pathogenic and deadly than previous variants and China’s treatment, testing and vaccination capacity steadily on the rise, China is shifting its focus from stemming infection to preventing severe cases and caring for health, which is science-based, timely and necessary,” added the Chinese foreign ministry in a desperate bid to calm the nerves of nervous global community, as Beijing relaxed all travel restrictions even while the country is caught in the midst of the pandemic wildfire, with morgues overflowing with bodies and crematoriums in the country reporting long waiting time.

The Chinese foreign ministry claimed “China’s Covid situation remains predictable and under control. Beijing is the first city to have gone through the infection peak. Life and work here are coming back to normal. We are confident the policy adjustment and shifting of focus will go ahead in a steady and orderly way”. This is a slight adjustment in the usages, as China has abandoned President Xi Jinping’s pet project ‘Zero Covid Policy’ after it left disastrous trails on its people.

Sources said that India may soon make it mandatory for those arriving from China to carry negative RT-PCR test, which is seen to be a practice being adopted by several countries to insulate themselves from catching another pandemic wave exported by Beijing.

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