Privacy Policy

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We are The Raisina Hills with web address

Personal data collection

We don’t mine any personal data except for comments left by users on articles on the website, besides basic data submitted by users with consent for the purpose of subscription.

No data submitted by the users is used for any commercial purposes, and also not shared with any entity.

IP address

Visitors’ IP address traces are captured if they leave comment while third party plugins as part of Word Press capture them for showing traffic data, and also to identify spam. But The Raisina Hills neither stores nor mine IIP traces.

Images & Videos

Images and Videos uploaded on the website are by content creators and they don’t violate copyright, while not carrying the location traces or any embedded imprints.

Contact forms

For the purpose of subscription to the contents, we offer contact forms for the users to share with us so that they can be updated with contents. The data submitted by the users with consent are not shared with anyone.


While leaving comments, users may opt to save names, emails and websites in cookies for the purpose of convenience. The cookies have shelf life for one year.

We are not mining any data unless provided for through contact forms, and we don’t use data traces from cookies. The standard guidelines for the users regarding cookies may be kept in mind by the users.

Embedded content

The Raisina Hills may share links of contents of others as part of articles if needed to serve the purpose of attribution. Such links if clicked may take users to other sites and they may have their own privacy policies that the users need to be mindful of.


The third party plug ins look at the data such as location, age and gender profile for basic analytics. We don’t have our own analytics, and we depend on third party to see analytics of the users of the website.

Data shelf life

Data traces left through posting comments on articles may stay indefinitely. Comment moderation is in place, and once one user’s comment is approved, there is no need for approvals thereafter.

Profile Data

Users of the website such as authors and also those who post comments may share basic profile data, which will be visible on the site, and they are editable, as well as delete enabled. Nedless to say, administrators will have access to profile data.

Users’ rights

Users who have accounts on the website or those who post comments can seek exported file of the personal data, which can also be removed on request except for data required for administrative, legal, or security needs.

Data storage

Data submitted by users stay on the website.

Data protection

The website has technical features to protect from data theft.

Third parties data

We get traffic detail data – IIP address, as well as location.

Industry disclosures

The Raisina Hills is a digital media platform which hosts approved articles and video prgrammes. We don’t source articles from any agencies. All contents are our own.