Rupee nosedives; HC restrains AAP against LG; Supreme Court goes Live

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Rupee nosedives

Rupee is sinking to new low each day amid the global equity market rout following the US Fed deciding to stay on hawkish path.

The Times of India in its Editorial has called ‘it’s all right’ to the rupee sliding on a slippery path. The daily, known for a pro-government stance, said that India’s macro-economy is sound, and there should be no need for worry.

Rupee has tanked by over 10 per cent this year in line with most of the non-dollar currencies coming to the record lows.

The daily quoted the World Bank’s remarks that the global central banks are hiking rates in a synchronized manner not seen in five decades.

The Times of India is effusive in praise of the government and the RBI. This Editorial is a textbook case of the press becoming the court poet.

India is not an export-driven economy that a sinking rupee should be cheered. The rupee now above 80 level will make the lives of low and middle-income people more miserable.

Also, India’s foreign currency reserves has depleted by $100 billion in a few months.

HC restrains AAP against LG

The Pioneer in its Editorial has said that the Delhi High Court’s decision to restrain the Aam Aadmi Party from levelling ‘baseless’ charges against the lieutenant governor Vinal Kumar Saxena is a rap on the knuckles of the Arvind Kejriwal-led political outfit.

The daily listed a number of political personalities against whom the AAP levelled unsubstantiated charges, only to lose faces when defamation suits were filed in the courts.

The Pioneer has used the usage ‘hit and run squad’ against the AAP for its trademark art of accusing everyone of everything.

This art gave the AAP power in Delhi, and the people clapped for the kangaroo courts when ‘all politicians are thieves’ were read out by Kejriwal from Jantar Mantar in 2012-13.

Guilty is the victims also such as late Arun Jaitely and Nitin Gadkari who didn’t insist on damages for defamation that could have shut the shops of such irresponsible politics.

Supreme Court goes Live      

The Indian Express has lauded the live streaming of the Supreme Court proceedings.

The step helps in accessing an open court, while also strengthening transparency in the judiciary, noted the Noida-based daily.

The daily recalled that the Supreme Court in 2018 had allowed the live streaming of Constitutional and nationally important cases.

The measure would surely act as a check against the lawyers and the judges who don’t stick to the norms.

But the people expect much deeper reform in judiciary, and such incrementalism is not worth cheering.

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2 thoughts on “Rupee nosedives; HC restrains AAP against LG; Supreme Court goes Live

  1. Live streaming of Supreme Court proceedings is a significant but a small step towards making Indian judiciary transparent.. this indeed is an incremental reform…

    Talk of 70 percent of Indian prison population (of over 5 lakh) being undertrials , mostly poor and illitrates or semi-illitrates unable to pay the bail money. Over four crores cases pending in lower courts and some cases coming to conviction after 30-40 years…

    Whither justice.. ? Judiciary like Indian police needs total reform…its time has come…

  2. Rupee falling further down is a genuine concern for all.
    Supreme Court sessions going live is a remarkable move and would raise confidence of citizens in judiciary.
    AAP & Kejiwal’s approach has been on free fall to make this dirtier.
    Very thorough coverage.

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