PM Modi not anti-farmers or anti-Punjab, says Hans Raj Hans 

BJP MP Hans Raj Hans (Image credit X Hans Raj Hans)

BJP MP Hans Raj Hans (Image credit X Hans Raj Hans)

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I will work to resolve issues of farmers, says Hans Raj Hans

Hans Raj Hans, singer turned politician, and BJP Lok Sabha Candidate from Faridkot (Punjab) speaks to Bhavna Malik on issues in the Lok Sabha elections and also his assessment of the party’s prospects in Punjab.

Bhawna: What according to you are issues in Punjab?

Hans: First of all, Punjab needs to be defined. Prof Mohan Singh described Punjab as “Bharat hai wang, mundri, wich nag hai Punjab da (India is like a bangle and a gold ring and Punjab is a precious gem embellished in it)”

If the gem is destroyed or loses its sheen, will the ring or a bangle look beautiful? Now coming to the issues of Punjab. The issue of farmers, water, drug menace, unemployment, lack of industrial development in Punjab all are layers that engulf Punjab into darkness. Due to lack of opportunities, there is a huge migration from Punjab to Canada, Australia and other countries. Those who cannot go are gripped in drugs. There is hardly any development in Punjab.

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Bhawna: You are contesting from Faridkot. What are the concerns of the people there?

Hans: I will be visiting there today and I assure the people of Punjab and Faridkot in particular that I will witness and assess everything myself and not believe what others tell me. What I have gathered from my sources is that water issue is a big concern.

There is a lack of road connectivity, besides the issues of broken roads and water logging. Moga district roads are constructed. But Faridkot lacks infrastructure. New trains should be started. The Bhathinda Airport has to be made more dynamic. Any issue affecting the daily life of people would be my priority.

Bhawna: Farmers’ protest 2.0 at Shambhu Border and the BJP is alleged to be losing farmers’ trust. How would you tackle this?

Hans: Yes, it’s a challenge, but I feel there is a lack of coordination between the farmers and the BJP.  Farmers are the ‘Rizak Daata ‘, the food providers and its painful to see them protesting.

No issue remains unresolved if engaged with a proper deliberations, dialogue and discussions.  Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi is worried for the farmers. He took back the three farmers’ laws without any ego. Modi, or the BJP is neither anti-Punjab or anti-farmers.

Now the issue of MSP (Minimum Support Price) and other concerns are not just for the farmers of Punjab but the entire India. I tried to coordinate between the farmers and the BJP earlier also. I will try to engage in a healthy and productive dialogue between the farmers and the Centre. I don’t want my brothers and sisters to sit at borders protesting but at their homes and working happily in their fields.

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Bhawna: Sunny Deol has been dropped from the list of the BJP candidates, as he was alleged to have been hardly available or visible in his constituency and now the AAP has introduced singer/actor Karamjit Singh Anmol in politics. You are also a part of the Punjabi music industry. Do you think artists as politicians are losing people’s trust?

Hans: When I joined politics to serve the people of Punjab, I left showbiz completely. I never had any stage shows or albums. It was my commitment with the mission and not a part time job. I cannot comment on others but yes don’t be a part timer as people trust you and vote for you.

Bhawna: You are contesting the Lok Sabha elections as a BJP candidate from Faridkot (Punjab), and were a part of the Akalis and the Congress regime as well. What’s different with the BJP?

Hans: I, like any other artist am emotionally drawn towards Punjab. Akalis used me emotionally and made me see them as saviours of Punjab but gradually the truth was right in front of everyone. During the farmers’ protest at Singhu border, the three farmers’ bills were passed and the Akalis didn’t do anything.  In Parliament, I always raised the issues of water, drugs and unemployment in Punjab.

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Bhawna: Harsimrat Kaur Badal resigned as a Minister and the BJP-Akali alliance was called off. What else is lacking on Akalis’ part?

Hans: The discussions on the bills at the drafting stage itself demanded the objections by the Akalis. They behaved like yes men.  Farmers and the people of Punjab turned against Akalis and the breaking of Alliance was merely for face saving. They had no other option.

Bhawna: You joined the Congress also but resigned. What’s your take on this?

Hans: I joined the Congress but resigned very soon. The Congress has destroyed India like no other party. They carry no vision for Punjab.  The 1947 partition was just to gain power and Nehru’s desire to become the first PM. The congress men were hands in glove with the Britishers. The freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Sarabha , Raj Guru, Sukhdev, and many others were hanged and Nehru, Gandhi and Jinnah worked for their supremacy.

Nehru made false promises to the people of Punjab, but nothing materialised. Punjab made the largest number of sacrifices in the freedom struggle. After freedom, Baba Sahib Ambedkar said, “The Congress is like a burning home, don’t enter it.”

The 1984 genocide by Congress was again for gaining power and settling scores with the Sikh community. The Congress is just for enjoyment and nothing else.

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Bhawna: How do you rate the AAP government in Punjab?

Hans: They could not perform. The people gave them a huge mandate. The people wanted a change and they thought that the AAP is really an Aam Admi, but they broke people’s trust. There is total deterioration of law and order in Punjab and the government is being run from Delhi. No visible development in Punjab , no jobs, neither any new Industry has entered Punjab.

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