Syrup deaths in Gambia; Polls in sight in J&K; KCR goes national

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Syrup deaths in Gambia

Over 60 kids died in Gambia due to cough syrups manufactured in Haryana, and the Indian drug regulator washed hands off, claiming that the onus was on the importing nation to test the quality.

This has to be most sickening at a time when India aspires to become a key player in the global supply chain, while cementing its position as world’s pharmacist.

The drug regulator’s explanation runs also against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pitch for reliable, resilient global supply chain. How could India allow export of killer cough syrups?

The Economic Times in its Editorial has called the incident in which 66 children died due to use of four cough syrups as a wakeup call.

Lapses on the part of drug regulator and the syrup maker have marred India’s image internationally, for the WHO has issued a global warning.

The business daily, while noting that India is the third-largest pharma manufacturer, reminded that 19 warning letters had been received by the domestic pharma companies last year. That must make one worried about the quality standards since Indian share in pharma export market is 20 per cent, while the industry is hoping to grow six times in the next eight years to $120 billion.

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation is just another department without any statutory power under the Ministry of Health and family Welfare with limited role to monitor its state counterparts on whose certification anything can be exported. This has to be most bizarre.

Polls in sight in J&K

Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir where he held rallies was essentially political, and that should sound out for the Assembly elections there in the first half of the next year.

The Indian Express in its Editorial has called for an early elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Noida-based daily stated that Shah’s rallies in Rajouri and Baramulla were well attended in which he hit out at “three families” and reiterated India’s no talks with Pakistan policy under the Narendra Modi-led NDA government

The newspaper reminded that the elected members in the local body polls after their victories don’t feel safe to step out of houses in Jammu and Kashmir.

The polls in the Union territory were expected last year only, but the Bharatiya Janata Party appears not ready to play the game until a favourable outcome is ensured.

KCR goes national

K Chandrashekhar Rao finally unveiled his plan to plunge into national politics, as he renamed his party as Bharat Rashtra Party on Dussehra day.

The Pioneer in its Editorial told Telangana Chief Minister that a party doesn’t become national with just a name change, for there is a fixed criteria and the Election Commission decides the status.

The daily commented that KCR is meeting a lot of Opposition leaders to build a united front against the Modi-led BJP for the 2024 elections. He too will soon march on a Yatra.

But the Opposition has shown during the elections for President and Vice President that only the media is serious as a day-dreamer of their unity, while they remain busy protecting their own interests.

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1 thought on “Syrup deaths in Gambia; Polls in sight in J&K; KCR goes national

  1. Coverage on Children death in Gambia due to Syrup from Indian pharmacy is alarming for us in terms of lapse in following the required checks /tests and reputation in international market.
    Election in J &K will be an interesting watch and voter’s response will set the future of the state in the long term.

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