Sunder Nursery: A perfect escape from toxic air of Delhi to breathe life

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Sunder Nursery is a sprawling garden spread over in almost 90 acres and dotted with mighty tress which cover the cover the skyline.

Sunder Nursery

Sunder Nursery

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By S Jha

New Delhi, December 24: Delhi is battling toxic air for more than three months now as part of an annual feature. The air quality is shown dangerous in almost all parts of the national capital. The toxic air brings an air of gloom to the people of Delhi. But they may escape from the gloom of Delhi by spending a day at Sunder Nursery.

Redeveloped by Aga Khan Society in partnership with the Archeological Survey of India, life comes to its bloom at Sunder Nursery as family members sprint in a race on the sprawling lawns and partake in sumptuous lunch with friends and relatives spreading their legs on mats. Dotted with ponds, Sunder Nursery is now in full bloom with as many as 50 different verities of flowers spreading the fragrance in the air.

Name suggests that it could be a nursery where the people can buy saplings for the gardens and balconies. But Sunder Nursery is a sprawling garden spread over in almost 90 acres and dotted with mighty tress which cover the cover the skyline. The ponds are the famed bowlis of Delhi which were built by the rulers of Dilli in the pre-medieval age. The monuments are several spread over the landscaped garden.

Looking over the majestic Humayun Tomb which has also been restored to its pristine glory, Sunder Nursery is a visitors’ delight from Delhi and the neighbouring cities. The Humayun Tomb was the precursor to the famed Mughal Garden which gained international fame at Taj Mahal in Agra. Humayun Tomb is also known for its artistic works on stone, as well as blue stones. With Humayun Tomb in the backdrop, Sunder Nursery gives an abundance of nature in its best glory with trees hosting peacocks and several other birds.

Sunder Nursery is also a delight for those who have interests in gardening. Besides, it is also promoting bee conservation. A number of butterfly gardens give additional attractions to Sunder Nursery. Food Cafes are set in the backdrops of ponds which invite the people for selfies.

Among several tombs is Lakkarwala Burj. This has a place of eminence in the 16th century garden of tombs for which Sunder Nursery is known. The official website of Sunder Nursery gives the description of the tomb as: “This domed, rubble built, and externally plastered building occupies the centre of an 8’ high platform. The monument, with arched openings in each of its four sides has profusely ornamented interiors with Quranic verses in incised plasterwork encircling the room. Conservation works on Lakkarwala Burj, which is a nationally protected monument included repair and rebuilding the western façade, restoring decorative plasterwork in the muqarnas and ornamentation, re-installation of jallis, internal and external flooring, restoration of parapet wall.”

Sunder Nursery is in the Nizamuddin area of the national capital. Traffic is nightmarish. It gets worse on weekend. Since one needs to spend a good amount of time to soak into the splendor of Sunder Nursery, it’s advisable that the people should go there early. Sunder Nursery also gives a flair of night life as its open till late evening.  

Sunder Nursery is also famous as Delhi picnic place. So, it’s advisable to plan for a trip with family members with lots of home cooked food. The people should also carry mats to spread over the sprawling lawns. The food sold at the place is costly.





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