Ram Rahim’s BJP camaraderie; Putin fears dirty bombs; Are you pregnant yet?

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Ram Rahim’s BJP camaraderie

Instances show that while ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposes, the Bharatiya Janata Party disposes’ is now a practice. Take for instance Modi’s exhortations on ‘Nari Shakti’. Action on the grounds by the BJP will make it look like just a hollow slogan.

The Pioneer in its Editorial has called the bluff of such slogans, citing the BJP leaders’ gung-ho participation in ‘Satsang’ of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Ram Rahim, convicted for raping two of his disciples, who often comes out on parole in Haryana. The daily has underlined that Rahim is again out on parole, doing online ‘Satsang’, because there is Panchayat elections in Haryana. The Noida-based newspaper mentioned the release of the Bilkis Bano case convicts to argue that the malaise is not just Haryana specific.

Addressing women, The Pioneer wrote: “Daughters please work hard to save yourself, and study harder to know the bitter truth that we in the government have elections to win.” Rahim is at his Baghpat Ashram, and political activists claim that he comes out on parole every two months. Do shed tears for such crude and unabashed hunger for votes by the political parties.

Putin fears dirty bombs

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu in the recent days worked his phone frenetically to ring his counterparts in the US, India and several other countries, raising alarm that Ukraine could use dirty bombs against Russia. Ukraine is on a hot pursuit of the Russian military, counting gains by inflicting reversals on Moscow, which has forcibly raised a fresh supply of about 80,000 conscripted men to fight the war.

The Hindu in its Editorial has noted the dramatic twists in the Ukraine War, stressing that a communication vacuum is a big risk. The Chennai-based daily mentioned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s all options war and his US counterpart Joe Biden’s warning of nuclear Armageddon to underline risk of the Ukraine War. It also noted the maximalist positions of Ukraine, which wants to free all regions, including Crimea, from the Russian occupation, and also of Moscow offering talks without proposals.

Dirty bombs are not nuclear, but contains radioactive materials, which can turn swathes of land barren, added the daily, while urging for resumption of dialogue. It is indeed alarming that there is no serious attempt from the western world, particularly the NATO allies, to open a window of negotiations, which may substantiate that some of them are profiteering from the war.

Are you pregnant yet?

The Chinese state has taken the role of a mother-in-law, checking on with the newly-wed woman if she is pregnant. China is an Orwellian state, and it shouldn’t surprise any, for people are mere tools in the hands of the regime-led by Xi Jinping.

The Indian Express in its Editorial has commented on the local government officials in China calling upon the young couple “to urgency reproduce”. Xi has said that his regime will work to improve the birth rates. China had one child policy from 1980-2015.

The Noida-based daily stated that the Chinese state is asking the men to embrace masculine values and women practice the traditional responsibilities. Indeed, Xi is amplifying hyper nationalism amid slowing economy, which is hurt by an ageing population.

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1 thought on “Ram Rahim’s BJP camaraderie; Putin fears dirty bombs; Are you pregnant yet?

  1. Good coverage on political agenda behind frequent parole for Ram Rahim ( a rape convict)….this seems quite disturbing and not in line with current govt tries to portray.
    – Dirty Bomb fear to Russia may be alarming. Without intervention from international communities, this will go on till it spoils the entire economy.
    – China’s worry of the aging population is genuine similar to India’s growing imbalance of population based on religion.

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