Power plants may not face coal shortage during Monsoon


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No coal shortage even while peak power demands soar

By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, July 1: The electricity supply may match the rising demands amid scorching summer this year. Also, the coal availability is adequate to meet peak power demands during the Monsoon.

The Monsoon in a short spell has almost covered the whole of the country. Intense spell of rains lashed various parts of the country. At the same time, the people are battling peak summer situations.

Due to scorching heat in the country, the demand for electricity reached record levels. But to meet this demand, the government is supplying adequate amount of coal to the power plants.

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“As a result of the efforts of the Ministry of Coal, this year power plants had adequate stock of coal available,” said a senior official in the Ministry of Coal. It may be noted that peak power demands have been breaking all-time records in different parts of the country.

According to the data of the Ministry of Coal, there was availability of 44.46 million tonnes of coal in domestic coal-fired power plants till June 29, 2024. This availability is sufficient to meet 18.5 days of power plants.

If compared to last year, the availability of coal in power plants is 33 per cent more in the current year. “All possible steps have been taken by the Central Government to ensure adequate availability of coal in power plants during the monsoon,” added the official.

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In the first quarter of this year, coal production has been 10.58 per cent higher as compared to last year. Also, this year the supply of coal has been 8.50 per cent more than last year.

“Not only this, to ensure that there is no shortage of coal supply in view of the monsoon, the ministry has arranged 86.57 million tonnes of coal for power plants and this is 33 per cent more than last year,” added the official.

The Ministry of Coal is working closely with the Railways to ensure the availability of coal, he said. “This is the reason why the daily transportation by railway racks is 10.54 per cent more than last year,” added the official.

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