Pakistan’s peace pranks; Elections for rich; Nadda keeps job

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Pakistan’s peace pranks

Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif hit the headlines with his interview to Al Arabiya wherein he pleaded for resumption of normalcy with India, underlining the lessons learnt from three wars. After the headlines splashed, his office dished out clarifications on dotted lines, parroting the ISI’s stale rhetoric on Jammu and Kashmir.

The Asian Age in an Editorial has stated that Sharif’s peace call is timed badly. The daily argued that there is no seriousness on the part of Pakistan. The daily stated that Sharif pleaded with the UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nayhan to get him talking with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. To Sharif’s insertion of nuclear war and aftereffects in the interview, New Delhi-based daily stated that “there is an innocent amateurishness in the way the issue (nuclear war) was framed out of the blue, and yet it would be seen here as a bluster”. The daily stated that the bilateral relations stay frozen, and resumptions would require a totally different circumstances.

There exists a minority voice in Pakistan who reason on the basis of facts on ground that their country has been thrown into an oblivion after getting de-hyphenated with India on social, economic and political matrix. But that voice is indeed a minority, for the toxic cocktail of military, mullah and zamindars have turned Pakistan into a lawless state and a perfect breeding ground for terror monsters, who belong to the early years of the medieval age. Pakistan has to first sink to the abyss, and undertake acid-cleaning of the bearded worms who rule the country.

Elections for rich

The recently held Gujarat Assembly elections showed that being ‘karorpati’ is a norm to contest polls. This is a reality across the country, and that is also an abundant failure of the Election Commission and also Parliament that politics is now all about moneybags.

The Telegraph in an Editorial has opined on the affidavit of the Election Commission in the Supreme Court wherein it has expressed concern on money power in elections. The Kolkata-based daily recalled that the EC had brought in the election expenditure monitoring mechanism for the 2010 Bihar Assembly elections. It also stated that 18 political parties pent Rs 6500 crores during 2015-20, which cannot match the guidelines as stated in Rule 90 of the Conduct of the Election Rules, 1961.The efforts of the judiciary to step in to stem the rot had also been negated by Parliament, as it amended the relevant law to ensure that expenses incurred by political parties on candidates are not taken into account by the poll body, added the daily.

That politics is now infected with cancer need no reiteration, and political parties have in place of raising the bar are taking the Indian polity to the gutter, as moneybags, criminals and financial frauds walk the corridors of power and lecture the people on morality.   

Nadda keeps job

The Bharatiya Janata Party chief JP Nadda will stay in his office until the next government in 2024 is sworn in, as technical reasons and political expediency called for a continuity. The national executive meeting of the BJP saw the party sizing up the electoral challenges this year.

The Pioneer in an Editorial stated that Nadda is acceptable to the two most powerful entities in the BJP – Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. The daily stated that Nadda has a litmus test on hand, for nine states going to polls this year send a total of 116 Lok Sabha MPs.     

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