Google abuses competition; Building food security; Cricket Down Under

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Google abuses competition

Core business mantra of tech giants is to create monopoly, and they are just any other predator on the way, killing competitions by burning cash, to gain lordship to not only create exclusive business domains but also challenge the sovereign powers of the nation. PayTM has learnt this harsh lessons after losing out to the US-based tech giants — Google Pay and Phone Pe — despite visible omnipresence.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has, however, come down heavily against the practice of market abuse by the search giant Google. The Times of India in its Editorial has sought to deep dive into the murky affairs of the tech giant’s abuse of market through abusive practices. Google has agreements with the mobile manufacturers and the Android phones, which have a market share of 96 per cent, comes with all pre-installed Google Apps, stated the daily.

For instance, India also has a map company, which is listed on the stock market – MayMyIndia, but mobile phones already have pre-installed Google Maps. The CCI has imposed a fine of Rs 1337.7 crore on Google, while also asking it to implement the remedial measures to stop abusing market and its monopoly position. At a time when the Indian startups are creating innovative tech-based solutions, Indian eco-system must shield them from the American predators.

It may be known that the CCI’s action has come after the European Commission too in 2018 had fined Google for similar abuse. But the US turns blind eyes on abusive practices of home grown tech giants for benefiting from their wealth.

Building food security

The Minimum Support Price (MSP) is an instrument of the government to guide the farmers to grow crops which are required by the country. The wheat stock has depleted, and international price is headed on the back of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In this backdrop, the Centre has hiked the MSP for wheat by Rs 110 to Rs 2125 per quintal, said the Indian Express in its Editorial, while also reminding that the Modi government had given hikes of Rs 40 and Rs 50 for the last two years. So, the hike this here is significant, and the Noida-based daily gave the context by stating that the public wheat stock at 22.75 million tonnes is half of the last year’s level and also near the buffer stock norm of 20.52 mt.

Additionally, the daily informed that the government has hiked the MSP for mustard by a record Rs 400 to make it Rs 5450 per quintal. This is in line with the Modi government’s clear focus to incentivize farmers to help the country gain self-reliance in edible oil, which accounts for an import bill of $19 billion, and the daily expects it to touch $22 billion this year.     

Cricket Down Under

Cricket may have become boring for too many T20 tournaments, but the ICC Cup is special and especially when it’s hosted by Australia where the bowlers get level playing fields with batsmen.

The occasion will again bring back the India-Pakistan rivalry. “The big game, as advertisers prefer to label it, would pit India against Pakistan at Melbourne on Sunday. The sold-out contest is the third between the neighbours after the Asia Cup jousts in the UAE,” The Hindu said in its Editorial, adding that the event is finally taking place after the Covid-induced washouts of previous editions.

The Chennai-based daily hoped that the 360 degree Suryakant Yadav could be the surprise package for India, while the obvious stars will carry much of the weight of the cricket-crazy nation.   

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1 thought on “Google abuses competition; Building food security; Cricket Down Under

  1. What a coverage, request all to go through the details for immense informations.
    Tech giants abusing competition to keep monopoly and dictate price, has been there from more than couple of decades in international market.
    – Intel’s tactical stand in Processors market ( for Desktop, laptops) with AMD or Microsoft’s with their competitors for software products.
    – Govt need to have regulatory body to keep healthy competition alive for consumer’s benefits and quality of products.
    Minimum support price for food security and motivation for farmers is a very important step for future growth in food items.

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