5G hopes; Kejriwal’s loose talks; India faces Russia test

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5G hopes

The 4G mobile got India hooked to video-watching. The 5G should prove more productive in greater adoption for the good of the people and the economy.

The Times of India and The Economic Times have sought to make a sense of the 5G rollout in their respective Editorials, with each concurring that there be visible adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, robotics and so on.

The Indian Mobile Congress 2022 at the redeveloped Pragati Maidan in the national capital is promising that the 5G era would be more exciting than the four years long 4G mobile technology.

The Times of India noted that 18 countries in the world have rolled out 5G, while there is a growing demand for 100-500 mbps data speed.

Indian economy has gained significant digitalization after the Covid-19 pandemic, and that should steer the country on the path of the democratization of technology so that the farmers in place of watching raunchy videos should know how Holland despite being a small country is the one of the biggest exporters of food items, including vegetables and fruits.

The Economic Times explored Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bid to seed technology into the very vitals of the Indian economy, with scaling up of innovations in agriculture, manufacturing. India indeed is staking its rightful position in the global supply chain and that would require rapid technology-led scaling up of the operations, with the IT sector backing up manufacturing and logistics.

ET hopes that machine to machine communication would overtake human to human communication.

But it must also be underlined that technology must weed out some of the age-old malaise of Indian socio-economic space such as manual scavenging with the help of robotics at a scale that’s not only visible but easily adapted by the semi-skilled workforce.

Kejriwal’s loose talks  

Arvind Kejriwal is too predictable in his tactics, and the people in Delhi knew this well when they saw ugly advertisements at the back of auto-rickshaws in which he would claim of sweeping elections and his rival Sheila Dikshit decimated based on some surveys.

He’s repeating the trick in Gujarat now.

The Pioneer in its Editorial has said that Kejriwal has a habit of indulging in loose talks. Delhi Chief Minister has quoted the findings of an Intelligence Bureau report to make the grand claim. This should make IB happy, for there is someone who takes the entity seriously.

The Pioneer states that the casualness of Kejriwal is disconcerting. The Noida-based daily further commented that Kejriwal has richly benefited from the harvests of making unsubstantiated accusations.

The daily indeed connects the right notes, for the people are no more willing to fast for several days to either get Lokpal or Lokayukta. Do we know who are the Lokpal and Lokayukta of Delhi?

India faces Russia test

Russian invasion of Ukraine has got India in a piquant situation to balance the national interests with the oldest ally and the pressing need of the time to stay with the western partners to gain from the global supply chain rejig.

The Indian Express has sought to make a sense of India again abstaining from a UN vote on Ukraine. The daily stated that the External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has amplified Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “this is not an era of war” persuasion to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his diplomatic outreach in the US last week.

The Noida-based daily mentioned that Russia is fast becoming a political embarrassment for India.

Putin needs counsel, and a relentless counselling from India, for he’s certainly on the path of ignominy that would doom Russia and also the multilateral world order. Modi should back up his counsel to Putin, and send senior political leaders to Moscow to present him options for him to withdraw from the war immediately.

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