Yogi bulldozes Shrikant Tyagi; Modi-CMs talk Team India; Track & field athletes make India proud in Commonwealth Games


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Cowardice of the police before political thugs define bankruptcy of policing in India.

Shrikant Tyagi is one such thug, who built his reign of terror by allegedly flaunting photographs with the top guns of the BJP.

The BJP sweats out in denying that Tyagi has any connection with the party, but the people largely don’t believe against evidences on the contrary.

The Pioneer in its forceful arguments has come down heavily on the audacity of such thugs to carve out their territories, as if people still live in jungles.

The daily, while analyzing the Shrikant Tyagi episode, laments “…governance and maintaining law and order are reactive rather than proactive”.

TP bemoans lack of a system where there is no scope for dereliction of duties on the part of the police personnel.

It lauded the social media, for if not for the viral video of Tyagi abusing and pushing a woman in the high-scale residential society, the Uttar Pradesh administration wouldn’t have even come to the rescue of the suffering residents.

Modi-CMs talk Team India

The seventh Governing Council meeting of the NITI Aayog was predictably marked by a lot of exhortations by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the states to pull up their socks and repair finances.

The Indian Express, The Economic Times and The Times of India have carried lead editorials on the key meeting held in the Rashtrapati Bhavan Cultural Centre, with the dailies advising the Centre and states to keep talking to address issues of discomfort.

IE commented that “increasing political centralisation over the years has widened and deepened the faultlines in the Centre-state relations”.

The daily reminded the past bids of the Centre to pass the Covid-19 vaccine burden on states and only relenting after popular outcries and nudging of the Supreme Court, while the Centre-states spar over the GST compensations.

The ET urges the states “now, do your bit for the economy”, arguing that the FDI inflow is incumbent upon the states to carry structural reforms, including labour laws, while tapping on trade, tourism and technology opportunities through the Indian missions abroad.

ToI calls for frequent interactions of Pm and CMs, while underlining that the share of cess, pocketed solely by the Centre, has gone up from 10.4 per cent to 15.3 per cent in the divisible pool of tax revenues to the disadvantage of the states.

None of the dailies bothered to remind that the roles played by the intestate council and the national development council have disappeared since 2014, and that may have deep policy ramifications, for the Niti Aayog has been found inadequate to the task of caring for the interests of the states.

Track & field makes India proud in C’wealth Games

After Neeraj Chopra’s Tokyo Olympics heroics, Avinash Sable announced the arrival of the track and field sports of India on the international scene by winning silver in the steeplechase, which has been a hegemony of the Kenyan athletes for ages.

ET and ToI have richly applauded the Indian sportspersons for their feats in the Birmingham Commonwealth Games where India ended up with a tally of 61 medals.

ET took note of the eight medals coming from athletes, including the only gold by triple jumper Eldhouse Paul.

Both the dailies concurred that the victories on the international stages motivate the youngsters to take up sports.

Yet, the challenges are awaiting the Indian sportspersons in the Asian Games in China. The Indian hockey men and women teams, however, are yet to acquire the consistency that the cricket team gained under the sting of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

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