Two billion votes in 2024 to shape global destiny

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The national elections in 2024 in several countries will be held in the backdrop of 2022 and 2023 having been years of wars.

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By Manish Anand

New Delhi, January 1: Two billion votes may decide the direction of the world this year. Across all continents as many as two billion votes will be cast in national elections. India, the US, the UK, and many other countries will go into polls this year.

India will lead South Asian nation in the national elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will seek a third straight mandate in the Lok Sabha elections which will be held through April-May this year. The world is keeping a close watch on the Indian politics. Modi at the helm of affairs has made foreign affairs a key pivot in the national politics.

But Modi will be facing a united Opposition in the Lok Sabha elections which may test his popularity. The principal Opposition party, the Congress, is seeking a pre-poll alliance with the rivals of the BJP to stop Modi from becoming the prime minister for the third term.

The US will also go for the presidential election this year. Incumbent President Joe Biden has expressed intent to seek second term in the office. Donald Trump is leading in the surveys to beat Biden in the election. Experts claim that Trump victory in the US may harm the global efforts against climate change. Trump is more aggressively positioned against China. It may be recalled that Trump had led the UD to walkout from the crucial climate commitments made in the Paris Accord. Also, Trump in 2018 had imposed trade restrictions against China which started the trade war between the two nations.

The UK will also go into the national elections and incumbent Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is predicted to lose the poll amid deepening economic crisis in the country.

In the South Asia, Bangladesh and Pakistan will also go into elections. Sheikh Hasina has been in power in Bangladesh for 10 terms. But ahead of the national elections, she is facing major protests in the Islamic country. Textile workers have been holding strikes to press for wage hikes and better labour conditions. It may be recalled that Hasina’s hold in Bangladesh coincided with textile boom in the country. Under her charge, India and Bangladesh relations have further deepened.

Pakistan will also go into national elections this year. Democracy in Pakistan is said to be a sham because the military by proxy is known to rule the Islamic country. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has been jailed for speaking against the military.

National elections will also be held in 2024 in Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, Iran, and several other countries. It may be noted that the national elections in 2024 in several countries will be held in the backdrop of 2022 and 2023 having been years of wars. The Ukraine War in 2022 and the Israel-Hamas War of 2023 have entered 2024 also. Both the wars are being predicted by experts to dominate the list of global challenges.   





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