Rahul offers two-horse template to win Gujarat

Rahul Gandhi in Ahmedabad addressed Congress workers on saturday

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Rahul Gandhi launches Gujarat campaign 3-year before Assembly election

By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, July 6: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday vowed to win the Gujarat Assembly election in 2027. Gandhi asserted that the decline of the Hindutva politics of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has begun.

Speaking to the Congress workers in Ahmedabad, Gandhi held his first major meeting after the Lok Sabha poll verdict in Gujarat. In his speech in the Lok Sabha, Gandhi had said that the “Congress will defeat the BJP in the next election”.

“In the 2017 Gujarat Assembly elections, the Congress had almost come to the finishing line. Five years later, the finishing line left us far behind,” added Gandhi.

In the 2017 state poll, the BJP had narrowly won the Assembly elections. In the 2022 Assembly polls, the BJP had registered a landslide, winning three-fourth majority.

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“A Congress worker told me in a bus here in Gujarat about the problem of the party. He said that there are two kinds of horses in the Congress, one that takes part in a race and the another that is suitable for marriage functions,” said Gandhi.

The Congress leader quoted the party workers saying that the “mistake being committed was to send the horse for the race in the marriage functions, and the vice versa”.

Gandhi asserted that the Congress will now “send the race horses for race only, and the marriage function horses for marriage parties”. The import of the two-horse example implied that the Congress will be more careful in ticket distribution, and field candidates who will be more winnable.

The Congress leader reiterated that the party will defeat the BJP in Gujarat. “We have been out of power in Gujarat for 30 years. But we will defeat the BJP in the next Assembly poll,” said Gandhi.

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“But there will be 50 per cent of the people here in this crowd who will believe that we can defeat the BJP in the next Gujarat Assembly election. There will be another 50 per cent of the people here who will not believe that we can defeat the BJP in the next Assembly polls,” said Gandhi.

The Congress leader stressed that “we can win the next Gujarat Assembly election if another 50 per cent begin believing that we can defeat the BJP”.

The BJP’s landslide victory in the last Gujarat Assembly election was also credited to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) splitting the non-BJP vote base in the state. Afterwards, the Congress and the AAP struck a pre-poll seat adjustment for the Lok Sabha elections.

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