Mayawati stirs poll pot in UP with sharp attacks on SP

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In a series of posts on the social media platforms, Mayawati attacked the SP and reminded the incident of 1995 when she was allegedly attacked by the activists of the outfit led by Yadav.

BSP chief Mayawati

BSP chief Mayawati

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By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi January 9: Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati has stirred the poll pot in Uttar Pradesh by launching scathing attacks on the Samajwadi Party and former state Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. Mayawati singled out the SP chief for his purported claims that the BSP be kept out of the Opposition alliance.

In a series of posts on the social media platforms, Mayawati attacked the SP and reminded the incident of 1995 when she was allegedly attacked by the activists of the outfit led by Yadav. The BSP chief said: “The SP is a very anti-Dalit party along with extremely backward people.” The BSP chief carefully mentioned the Dalit and the extremely backward castes in her remarks to attack the SP which form the core vote base of her party.  

The BSP chief also noted that while she had tried to change the anti-Dalit image of the SP with an alliance in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the experiment had however failed. Mayawati said: “By forming an alliance with the SP in the last Lok Sabha general elections, we tried to change their anti-Dalit tactics, character and face. But after the elections were over, the SP again came back to its anti-Dalit casteist agenda.”

The BSP chief also stated that “whoever the SP chief talks to about an alliance, his first condition is to maintain distance from the BSP, which is also widely publicized by the media.” She alleged that the SP had indulged in “heinous acts on June 2, 1995 to attacks the party office”. She also reminded that “many anti-Dalit decisions were taken during their government”.

The BSP chief called upon the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh to take action against anti-Dalit activities in the state. She also expressed concerns that “the conspiratorial anarchist elements can cause harm to the party office, employees and the national chief”. The BSP chief reasoned that the party had to remove the statues of “great men from there and shift them to the residence of the party chief” due to security considerations.

Mayawati said: “In such a situation, the BSP also makes a special request to the UP government to make arrangements at a safer place in place of the current party state office, otherwise any untoward incident can happen here at any time. Besides, the party also demands that the government should deal strictly with anti-Dalit elements.”

Yasar Shah, former minister and Samajwadi Party leader, hit back at Mayawati, accusing her of harming the interests of Dalits. He said: “Mayawati ji, don’t look into your own backyard, otherwise you will see the corpses of hopes and expectations of crores of Dalits whom you have auctioned in the entire market due to your greed. By becoming the biggest face of Dalit politics, you became the dealer of Dalit identity.”

The SP leader further alleged “the votes of Dalits have been sold in the entire market and to save the wealth of that sin, even today you are bowing before those people from whose clutches people like Baba Saheb and Kanshiram ji sacrificed their lives.”

But he was countered by a journalist Zisan Haidar who claimed that the “Muslims have suffered the most loss in the SP”. He said in a reply to Yasar Shah: “Only those who were sycophantic Muslims have benefited. Most riots have occurred in the times of the SP government. Leaders should fall, don’t sycophant. You people are brokers of the society. Have you ever done any good to the society only for your own benefit.”





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