Geology Horror; Canada Calling; Bajra Platter

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Geology Horror

Movement of earth plates is a reality, manifesting at intervals with fearsome consequences. Turkey and Syria are battling the aftermath of an avalanche of aftershocks after a powerful earthquake struck the two countries. Possibly, the Arabian Plate grinded against the Anatolian Plate to trigger the wrath of geology.

The Asian Age in an Editorial underlined that possibly Turkey was unprepared for since the country hadn’t faced quakes for years. The daily stated that the death toll may rise over 20,000. It also opined that the Anatolian Plate is a red-hot seismic zone as it slides horizontally with the Arabian Plate, not up and down. The daily also stated that the rescue efforts are faced with extreme harsh weather conditions, including sub-zero temperatures. Also, the daily stated that the quakes gave fears of Apocalypse, as buildings shook for about 90-second. Thousands of buildings came crashing down. Cities have been flattened.

Indeed, the earthquakes have left deathly trails in Turkey and Syria. India rushed NDRF teams with doctors to carry out the relief and rescue efforts in Turkey and Syria. Tragedies come hunting the humanity in a pack, since Turkey had been battling the worst consequences of the economic downturns, as inflation had sky-rocketed and its currency Lira had slumped. Syria has been a battle zone for several years. While the United Nations have not been as proactive to respond to the humongous tragedy, it is apparent that the global response should be finetuned and all resources must be directed to save the people. AS has been seen in the past, several people can be rescued from the debris of the buildings if experienced hands are pressed in the services immediately.

Canada Calling

China has given a wake-up call to the western world after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, demonstrating that Beijing cannot be a reliable partner to the democratic world. Canada has also realized the dark facts of China. The world had seen the spate of Xi Jinping and Justine Trudeau on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia last year.

The Hindu in an Editorial has sized up the shift in Canada’s relations with India as Canberra seeks to de-couple with Beijing. The Chennai-based daily has given an account of a flurry of high level visits from Canada to India, which will also see Trudeau in New Delhi soon. The daily underlined that Canada had marked last year India as a critical partner, after noting that China as an increasingly disruptive power. The daily essayed fluctuating bilateral relations, mired by the shelter given by Canada to Khalistani separatists. It also noted that India and Canada are seeking to deepen economic ties.

China Plus is the theme in the global diplomacy, and the western world would seek out India as a reliable partner in the global supply chains. Khalistani elements are seen visible not only in Canada but even in Australia. India should work to deal with anti-national forces in creative and assertive ways, and ride the ‘China Plus’ journey full course.
Bajra Platter

Coarse cereals must have been staple food until the fine grains replaced them in the recent decades. The world is now faced with food crisis and the cost of limiting the choices to just wheat and rice. In this backdrop, The Economic Times has argued in an Editorial that government should create a price and market eco-system for a larger acceptance of millets within the country and outside. Millets are superfood and they are finding ways to government programmes.

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