Delhi kills Anjali; Terror strikes in J&K; Lula task to calm Brazil

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Delhi kills Anjali

Demons rule Delhi in the darkness. Delhi streets are ruled by the thugs, rogue, drunkards and delinquents in late hours. Delhi Police have one of the largest personnel, but they are too busy saluting the politicians. Nirbhaya is forgotten. Memories are now much shorter. Now, Anjali Singh tells tale of Delhi’s unbridled cruelty.

The Pioneer in an Editorial has given an account of the gruesome hit and run case, which took place between Seemapuri and Kanjhawala. The 20-year-old Anjali Singh, who was on her scooty, bought with an EMI, was caught in the axle of a car and dragged for almost 10 kms, as five drunkards ignored her screams and cries. The Noida-based daily wondered why Nidhi, friend of the deceased, who was riding pillion, fled from the scene and did not raise the alarm, suggesting possibly that she may have panicked at the prospects of the consequences of facing the police and the judiciary.

The daily has also slammed the pass the buck game played by the Delhi government led by the Aam Aadmi Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party, which is in power at the Centre, while Union Minister Amit Shah is the boss of the Delhi Police. Several accounts and reports show that neither the Centre nor the state governments have taken any lessons from the Nirbhaya case, as the funds remain unspent, the streets remain dark, the police stay belly-bloated, the media stays afflicted with entertainment addiction and the people forget such incidents.  

Terror strikes in J&K

Six villagers were killed by terrorists in Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir in another attempt by the militants to terrorise the civilians who have close ties with the security agencies. This has been a pattern for the past few years, which accounted for the killings of migrants also in the valley.

The Indian Express in an Editorial has stated that Rajouri is a gateway to South Kashmir for the terrorists crossing over from across the border, and there are enough suggestions that the infiltrations have not completely dried up. The Noida-based daily has also stated that the onus of the security of the civilians should be on the police forces and not the village defence committee. Also, the daily asked, how did terrorists enter an area which has a heavy presence of the security agencies.

Indeed, infiltration has come down in Jammu and Kashmir, for foreign terrorists are currently busy playing the fire game in Pakistan’s western provinces. Strategic affairs commentators have regularly been warning that India should become cautious, for the Afghanistan-Pakistan crossfire could also expand and terrorists, finding sanctuaries in the hotspot, could again take the missionary activities in the Kashmir valley.    

Lula task to calm Brazil

South America is in the midst of pink revolution, as the Left is staging a comeback in the post-pandemic era. The Covid-19 pandemic made several people poorer and the right of the centre politicians were found wanting to meet the aspirations of the people. But Brazil is at a crossroad, as Jair Bolsonaro like Donald Trump refused to concede defeat at the hands of the Leftist Lula da Silva.

The Hindu in an Editorial has noted that Lula must work to calm the Brazilian society, for the supporters of Bolsonaro are riling the military. The Chennai-based daily also stated that Lula is planning addition spending to the tune of $28 billion to address the miseries of the people. The daily also stated that Brazil under the charge of Lula had taken 25 million people out of poverty.

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