Amid floundering economy, Liz Truss to head lame duck govt


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By S Jha

New Delhi, September 5: Liz Truss will be the fourth Prime Minister in the last six years in the UK, with the votes polled by her in contest against Rishi Sunak suggesting that she is headed to lead a lame duck government.

The economy of the UK is floundering. India just a few days ago pipped the UK to become the fifth largest economy in the world.

Truss will be the only third woman Prime Minister of the UK, while the country is known for political instability.

She will be replacing Boris Johnson, who had to quit after a number of ministers in his Cabinet submitted their resignations.

The first to resign from Johnson Cabinet was Rishi Sunak. Johnson had blamed him for fueling rebellion in his government.

In the initial phase of the contest between, Truss and Sunak, Johnson was reported by the British media to have shown his disapproval of Sunak.

At the outcome of the polls between the two leaders, Truss polled more votes from the leadership, while the MP had more preference for Sunak.

The narrow victory margin has been commented by the British political commentators as the weak base for Truss to lead the government, while the economy is sinking.

Truss had previously been a votary of the UK remaining with the European Union. She is being compared with Margret Thatcher, the most towering British Prime Minister after Winston Churchill, as she had led her country to the end of the Cold War and also at a time when the UK was taken seriously on the world stage.

Johnson’s term was marred by a series of scandals, including sending refugees to Zimbabwe.

“I will take bold action to get all of us through these tough times, grow our economy, and unleash the United Kingdom’s potential,” Truss said after her victory over Sunak.

The British MP Jeremy Corbyn tweeted: “The first act of Liz Truss’ premiership should be taking immediate action to tackle the cost of living crisis that is pushing millions into poverty –this must be a wealth tax and bringing energy companies, water, mail and rail into public ownership.”

Corbyn further advised that Truss must also “commit to giving workers a pay rise, ending the creeping privatisation of our NHS (National Health Service) and the appalling treatment of refugees fleeing war”.

Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party, said that “but after 12 years of the Tories all we have to show for it is low wages, high prices, and a Tory cost of living crisis”.

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