AIIMS INI CET exam hit by snags; candidates fume at loss of time

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By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, November 14: The INI CET examination conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on Sunday was hit by technical snags at multiple centres. The candidates claimed to have lost s several minutes after the computers at the examination centres crashed.

The AIIMS held the Institute of National Importance Combined Entrance Test on Sunday across the country for admissions in the PG courses of the premier medical institutions across the country. The examination was held online as is the norm with several entrance tests these days, with the institutions conducting the tests outsourcing it to the third party.

“During the course of the examination, computers crashed and the technical team at the centre took several minutes to restore the system for the candidates to resume their papers. This caused loss of time of the candidates, besides disturbing their focus and attention,” said one of the candidates, who appeared for the test at one of the centres in Bengaluru.

The candidates complained of the computers crashing, frames frozen, mouse not working, sudden disconnection of networks among some of the technical snags faced by them. “Some of the students panicked after their computers at the examination centres crashed. It invariably took several minutes to restore the connections, which also involved arguments and pressing for an early restoration of the systems,” said another candidate who appeared for the PG medical entrance examination. The test was of three hours duration.

It may be noted that the entrance tests are now being hold in the online mode by outsourcing the responsibility to conduct the tests to the third parties. IIT JEE, UGC exams and even the entrance tests for the national universities are now being held in the online modes, while there is no full proof measures yet in ensuring the candidates are not disadvantaged by technical snags or the process of examination is not manipulated by the unscrupulous elements to cheat at some of the computes at the centres by conniving with the third party providing the infrastructure.

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1 thought on “AIIMS INI CET exam hit by snags; candidates fume at loss of time

  1. Good coverage on issues in online examinations and suffering of students due to robust system as well as application software.
    – This has affected quite significant number of students who wrote INI-CET on 13th November.
    – We have witnessed this as my daughter lost ~ 14 min of time which is lot in this high pressure & competitive exam.
    – Any system of exam should ensure equal fair opportunity to all students irrespective of all external factors. Just blaming own fate is not an acceptable point.
    – If computer or application software issues spoils the spirit of a candidate, then examination authority should look into it asap.
    – As this issue is easily observed by app s/w, extra time and / or marks should be considered.

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