Twitter alternative Blue Sky gains fast downloads  

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Blue Sky may have to compete not just with X but also Thread which has over 130 million monthly users

Blue Sky; Jack Dorsey

Blue Sky; Jack Dorsey

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By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, February 10: After staying in invite-inly mode for almost two years, Blue Sky went public on Tuesday to attract fierce downloads in the App store as well as the desktop. Jack Dorsey-backed Blue Sky is said to have seen millions of downloads in the last couple of days.

Dorsey was the founder of Twitter, which was renamed as X by its billionaire buyer Elon Musk. The parting of ways of Dorsey with Twitter was bitter amid claim of bots employed at the social media platform to inflate the data of the users and also the valuations.

Bloomberg in a report had previously said that Blue Sky had seen over 3,60,000 downloads in the Apple’s App store while millions were on the wait list when the platform was in an invite-only mode. Blue Sky announced on Tuesday that it went past million plus downloads after going public. in a report has said that Blue Sky had over 3.5 million downloads from February last year while the social media platform went public only on Tuesday.

X is said to have 2,50,000 downloads on a daily basis, and Blue Sky appears fast catching up with its giant rival. Musk after taking over Twitter had unveiled a set of new norms to monetize the platform. The verification on X is to be paid for while users have to buy subscriptions to access premium features.  

Blue Sky claims to decentralize the social media platform. Techcrunch in a report said that Blue Sky gained over 8,00,000 new users in a single day after going public. It also said that Blue Sky has an open source development mode to allow transparency in ways it has been programmed.

However, Blue Sky may have to compete not just with X but also Thread which has over 130 million monthly users as per Techcrunch. The App tracking platforms claimed that Japan has seen most downloads of Blue Sky as per the tradition of the Asian economic giants where X is also hugely popular.  



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