Melghat Tiger Reserve, home to ‘Kalu Mama’, shines in 50th year with 10 new bird species

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The topography of Melghat is enchanting. Melghat means meeting of valleys.

Melghat Tiger Reserve

Melghat Tiger Reserve

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By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, February 3: Melghat Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra is now in its splendor after the bird watchers found 10 new species making the vast hide of the wild animal as their home. It is also home to ‘Kalu Mama’.

In the 50th year of its existence, Melghat Tiger Reserve hosted avid bird watchers from across the world. They were not disappointed. They found that the forest reserve which is is richly populated by wild animals is now swelling with new species of birds also.

The local officials said that 10 new species of birds have been added to the existing 294 recorded from Melghats. Now, Melghat Tiger Reserve is home to more than 300 bird species. The bird watchers from across the world are now camping in the forest reserve with the latest gadgets to catch sight of the birds.

Melghat Tiger Reserve is also home to ‘Kula Mama”. Forest official Jyoti Banerjee in a message on the social media platform X said that “tigers are endearingly called the benign grand patriarch – Mama– of the entire clan –Kul — of Korkus”.  

The topography of Melghat is enchanting. Melghat means meeting of valleys. The official stated that “it is truly unique. It does not have just tigers, but is also home to a diverse range of wildlife, including the critically endangered Forest Owlet making an incredible comeback.”

Another forest official, Sumant Solankem, in a message on the social media platform X said: “When nature has an abundance to offer and you have done your part through grassland management and water conservation works then wildlife will come for sure. Efforts by Gugamal division (MTR) has transformed a barren land into wildlife’s most preferable landscape.” He posted a video to give an overview of the transformation in the forest reserve.

Banerjee also said that Melghat is famed for Monsoons. She described the forest reserve, saying that “the water flows in tumultuous streams, looks great but risks a lot of erosion and landslips”.

Melghat reserve is in Amaravati in Maharashtra. It is located on the southern offshoot of the Satpura Hill Range. It’s nestled in the Gavilgarh Hill. It was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1967. Later, it was declared a tiger reserve in 1974. Incidentally, it was among the first nine tiger reserves notified in 1973-74 under Project Tiger.

Project Tiger was launched in 1972 to protect Bengal tigers. Melghat was the first tiger reserve of Maharashtra. In terms of areas, it is still one of the biggest tiger reserves in the country. Besides, Tigers the other prominent animals are Sloth Bear, Indian Gaur, Sambar deer, Leopard, Nilgais, and others.

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