Numerology for Lok Sabha Poll gives Modi, Rahul even chances

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, PM Narendra Modi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, PM Narendra Modi

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Astrology favours both Modi, Rahul in race to finish in Lok Sabha Poll

By Raisina Pandit

New Delhi, May 25: The sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections is underway. Electioneering for the seventh phase of polling on June 1 has now reached feverish scale.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has almost broken all past records in giving poll-time interviews. Former president of the Congress Rahul Gandhi has shunned the media.

But both the top leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress are evenly placed for prospects as per numerology for the year 2024. The ongoing year in numerology adds to digit eight.

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The numerology experts assert that Saturn rules the year 2024. Saturn presides over justice. Also, justice will not be delayed, they said.

Hard working people will get their due rewards, say the experts from the field of numerology. They will not have to wait as rewards will come instantly.

Modi is a hard-working politician, assert the BJP leaders often. Modi himself has spoken on several occasions that he works very hard.

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The BJP leaders make special arguments that Modi sleeps less since he is a workaholic. They attribute special Yoga that Modi practices for his stamina to sleep less and work more.

Rahul Gandhi is also not behind Modi as far as working hard is concerned. He has rejected the perception that the Congress doesn’t work hard on the ground.

Unlike his predecessors in the Congress, Rahul led two Bharat Jodo Yatra in quick successions. He covered the length and the breadth of India in the two yatras that he undertook.

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Besides, Rahul is often seen mingling with cross-sections of the society. He has emerged as the most hard-working politician from the ranks of the Congress.

Modi is said to have addressed almost 200 rallies so far for the Lok Sabha elections. At 73, he is still going strong.

The prime minister addressed three rallies in Punjab yesterday. He addressed two rallies in Bihar on Saturday.

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Besides, Modi is giving interviews to media houses with reworked setting wherein he is surrounded by a group of editors. He is working hard in holding public meetings, as well as giving interviews.

Unlike the prime minister, Rahul is working hard on the ground. He is holding small meetings, as well as election rallies.

“The year 2024 is for the hard-working people. Modi and Rahul are hard-working. They are evenly placed in the court of Saturn for reward for their hard works,” said an astrology expert, while examining the prospects of Modi and Rahul.

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