China tests military might to ‘seize power in Taiwan’

Chinese fighter jet in military drill around Taiwan

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China encircles Taiwan to simulate economic blockade

By Manish Anand

New Delhi, May 24: China is testing its military capability to seize power in Taiwan. On the second day of the two days long ‘Joint Sword-2024A’ drill, Chinese fighter jets and naval assets entered the Taiwan zone.

AFP in a news alert on Friday morning said quoted China, saying its drills encircling Taiwan are “testing the military’s ability to seize power over the self-ruled island”. China launched an aggressive military drill close on the heels of the inauguration of new Taiwan President William Lai Ching-te.

“Taiwan will make no concessions on its democracy and freedoms,” Al Jazeera quoted the new president saying in his inaugural address. He had called on China to stop aggression against Taiwan.

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But China responded by launching an unprecedented drill to send fighter jets in the Taiwanese skyline, as well as the navy in the waters of Taiwan. “Overall, 49 PLA aircraft in various types (including SU-30, J-16, KJ-500, etc.) were detected from 0720hr around Taiwan today (Friday),” said the Ministry of Defence of Taiwan in a statement.

The Ministry further stated that “35 crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait and entered the north, central and southwest parts of Taiwan’s ADIZ”. Chinese military commentators have said that the drill seeks to test the capability of China to cut off Taiwan from the outside world.

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The Taiwanese coast guards confronted the intruding Chinese ships to leave the waters of Taiwan. China coast guard ships entered the waters of a number of Taiwanese islands for the first time.

“China’s military drills around Taiwan highlight how vulnerable the island is to a communications blackout. Chinese warships could easily cut the handful of undersea cables vital for internet connectivity,” posted Will Ripley of the CNN on X, formerly Twitter.

Taiwan also scrambled jets and put missile, naval and land units on alert. “The CCP’s (Communist Party of China) military exercises, which highlight its hegemony mindset, have undermined regional peace and stability. The ROC Armed Forces stand ready to defend our country. We seek no conflicts, but we will not shy away from one,” said the Taiwan’s Ministry of Defence.

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Zang Xi, a military expert, explained to China Media Group that the drills aim to cut off all parts of Taiwan from the outside world. “The first objective is to warn the secessionists in Taiwan,” he said.

Zang also said that the drills aim to test the capability of China to take away the maritime gateway of Taiwan. He argued that the drills by way of blocking access to Taiwanese ports in South can impose an economic blockade.

“China 548 vessel, this is the coast guard of the Republic of China, Yilan patrol vessel. Your action will severely undermine the peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits. It will increase possibility of incidents and security risk. Please change your direction. If you decide to enter, we will take action to repel you,” one of the Taiwanese coast guard spoke on loudspeaker to an intruding Chinese ship.

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The Eastern Theatre Command of the PLA launched the joint military drills, codenamed Joint Sword-2024A. “The People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theatre Command continued conducting military exercises in the sea and airspace in the north and south of the Taiwan island, including sea and land strikes, and air defence and anti-submarine warfare,” said China Daily while quoting the spokesperson Li Xi. Li said that the drills aim to test the combat capabilities of the command forces in terms of multi-domain coordination and joint strikes.

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