Iran attacks Israel defence facilities while US stays guardian avenger

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu chair War Cabinet meeting (Image credit X @IsraeliPM) (2)

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu chair War Cabinet meeting (Image credit X @IsraeliPM) (2)

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Biden calls upon Netanyahu for restraint as Israel strikes in Lebanon

By Manish Anand

New Delhi, April 14: Iran launched an unprecedented missile and drone attacks against Israel on Saturday. The US President, Joe Biden, said that the Iranian attacks were neutralized in the air. Israel, in a first reaction, is bombing Lebanon.

In an indication of escalation of regional conflicts, Iran launched missile and drone attacks against defence facilities of Israel. Iran pressed into 185 ‘Shahed’ drones in its attacks on Israel, intelligence sources were quoted by regional media. Also, 110 ballistic and 36 cruise missiles were also fired at Israel as per reports.

Biden in a statement said that Iran’s attacks had been neutralized. “Earlier today, Iran — and its proxies operating out of Yemen, Syria, and Iraq — launched an unprecedented air strike against military facilities in Israel,” said Biden in the statement.

The US President also underlined that the military facilities “moved to the region in my direction in the past one week” helped “Israel take down nearly all the incoming missiles and drones”. Biden lauded Israel’s capacity to defend.

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Iran had warned that the US involvement in its tension with Israel would invite Tehran’s strikes against the American military facilities in the region. Israel and Iran tension escalated following the bombing of an Iranian consular in Damascus, Syria. Twelve Iranian officials were killed in the Damascus attack. Mohammed Reza Zehedi, top military commander of Iran, was also killed in the Damascus attack.

The White House correspondents are claiming that Biden is seeking restraint from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Jacqui Heinrich, the White House correspondent for the Fox News, said in a post on X that Biden is conveying a message of restraint.

“The subtext of Biden’s readout of his call with Netanyahu seems to be that Israel has already sent a message to Iran, purely by defending against and defeating ‘unprecedented attacks’,” posted Heinrich in a comment on X.

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Biden spotlight in his statement that he would be meeting leaders of the G7 heads of the states. In all likelihood, the US may intensify a series of fresh sanctions against Iran.

Former diplomat KC Singh in a post on X said that Biden has succeeded in rallying support of the people in the US for his efforts. “Biden asking for restraint from Netanyahu has succeeded in his main aim of rallying the nation. The global focus (now) shifts from Gaza excesses to the UNSC/Iran-Israel standoff,” noted Singh.

The diplomatic commentators are arguing that a larger regional conflict is ruled out. They argue that Israel now has the legitimacy to carry out punitive actions against Lebanon, Yemen, and Iran. The US has demonstrated that the ‘iron-clad defence of Israel’ may take care of firing of missiles and drones in the skylines.

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