Modi seeks Lok Sabha mandate for strong & stable govt

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Modi seeks mandate for stable govt amid Israel-Iran tension

By Manish Anand

New Delhi, April 14: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday underlined the importance of a strong and stable government at the Centre. He mentioned the shadow of war in the world. Modi released the ‘Sankalpa Patra (manifesto)’ of the BJP.

Modi spoke of the regional conflicts in his speech at the BJP headquarters. “The world is in the midst of tension. We need a strong and stable government,” said Modi. The prime minister didn’t mention any regions by name in his speech.

While Modi was speaking, the US President, Joe Biden, had issued a statement, claiming that Iranian attacks had been foiled.

Iran also has issued a statement, saying that the Islamic nation will take more actions in self-defence. Iran has taken the alibi of self-defence for launching missile and drone attacks against Israel on Saturday night.

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Modi often has mentioned regional global conflicts in his speeches within the country. The prime minister also stated that India will pursue national interests. India has maintained ‘a fine balance’ in the geostrategic tightrope.

India stepped up imports from Russia despite western sanctions. Also, India deepened defence pacts with the US. This has been done to broaden the defence goods basket supply chains.

Modi’s mention of the need for a strong and stable government has come in the backdrop of fragile geostrategic situations. Yet, the Congress regularly accuses the Modi government of being weak with China. India and China have tense border situations in the aftermath of the 2020 Galwan violent clash in eastern Ladakh.

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The BJP seemingly is leveraging the deepening global strife to cement the party’s claims on political nationalism. In the last two weeks, the BJP top guns have been determined to bloat political nationalism by amplifying the claims made in the UK-based daily, the Guardian, of India eliminating 20 Pakistan-based terrorists.

Union Minister for Defence Rajnath Singh in an interview to Moneycontrol gave the slogan of ‘Ghar me ghus kar marenge (will kill by entering in their homes)’ in reference to claims made by the Guardian.

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Afterwards, Union Minister for External Affairs Subhramanyam Jaishankar also spotlighted “changed approach of India” in dealing with terror. Jaishankar said in an interview that “terror knows no rules, and there need to be rules-based responses to them either”.

Ironically, 17 Indians were aboard a Portuguese flagged and Israeli-affiliated ship, MSC Aries, which had been captured by Iran from the Straits of Hormuz. India has also officially called upon both Israel and Iran to de-escalate the tension.

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