Amid drought in S korea, ‘gangnam style’ K pop singer being criticized

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By Chehak Mishra

New Delhi, June 8: The south Korean singer Park Jae-sang, also known as Psy, is being criticized heavily on twitter. The reason- his water-drenched concerts are set to return. Each show needs 300 tons of water.

Last Friday, singer announced that his popular water soaked ‘Summer swag’ shows are set to return in august. The concert series has been a hit in Korea’s summer heat, held every few years since 2011

One user wrote on twitter, “Stop wasting 300 tons of water each time you use it for your show. It’s not a cool thing to amuse audience anymore. Learn from Coldplay at least one or two.”

Another wrote “That’s horrible. If a drought has been declared in any part of the world, nobody should be using up that much water”

According to reports, South Korea is facing shortage of water for agricultural and industrial use.

Psy became a global sensation after his song “Gangnam Style” which was uploaded on YouTube in 2012. The song became first hit to reach a billion views.

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