Xi Jinping’s 3rd term begins global reset; Putin now India cheerleader

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By Manish Anand

New Delhi, November 5: Russian President Vladimir Putin is now full of praise for India. On Saturday, Putin said on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Russian Historical Society on National Unity Day that Indians are very talented and purposeful, who would steer the country to greater heights of development.

The day coincided with India voting in favour of a Russian resolution at the United Nations on combating ‘glorification of Nazism’. India was among 105 countries, who voted in favour of the resolution, while there were 52 others who voted against the resolution. Principally, India could justify the support to the resolution as the country has always been in condemnation of Nazism.

But Putin began praising India wholeheartedly soon after Chinese President Xi Jinping usurped the third term as the general secretary of the Chinses Communist Party, which will ensure him at least another five years in the office in March. China and Russia are bound by the ‘no limits friendship’, but Moscow has always been wary of Beijing dictating terms to it. In fact, Russia has rejected all bid of China to seek a pie of the energy reserves of the Arctic Circle. Putin, an authoritarian, is well known to not yield to China, which is aiming to drag the Central Asian countries, besides Russia to its debt trap strategy. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought Moscow to lean on Beijing for the military and financial support, which are being stated in the diplomatic circles unfavourable to Moscow

Putin this week had hailed India’s independent foreign policy, saying that New Delhi doesn’t come under the pressure of the world power. Putin richly lauded India for its pursuing an independent foreign policy even while the US had sought to exert pressure to cut down on ties with Russia and also the imports of oil and gas from the country which is at war with Ukraine.

The praise of the Russian President has also come despite the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had told Putin during a bilateral on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in Samarkand in September in which had said that “this is not an era of war”, which was hailed in the western world as ad admonishment of the ruler in Moscow. The Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar is flying to Moscow on November 7 as he will be in Russia for two days, while he is likely to impress upon his hosts to consider the message of Modi for peace and find ways to end the Ukraine War. Jaishankar’s Moscow visit will be significantly watched in the western capitals, for he would be carrying more weight in Moscow in contrast to the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who has been much ridiculed in the European nations, for pleading Xi in Beijing to talk to Putin for an end of the Ukraine War.

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1 thought on “Xi Jinping’s 3rd term begins global reset; Putin now India cheerleader

  1. India’s position in today’s world with various issues, Russia -Ukrain war is captured very well.
    India’s stand has been clear in International communuties.
    – Putin has always praised India’s stand.
    – We need to wait to see Russia’s and U.S stand when India has head on collision with China.

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