World’s Xi threat; Worsening job crisis; Pakistan ducks Imran Khan

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World’s Xi threat

Xi Jinping, China’s President, has sealed a third term in March next year, after purging the naysayers from the Communist Party, and packing the Politburo with his lackeys. Xi is threatening to be a dictator in the league of the North Korean monster Kim Jong-un, and the world needs to worry.

The Times of India in its Editorial headline ‘The New Emperor’ has sought to size up three key figures in the seven-member Central Politburo-led by Xi – Li Qiang, Zao Leji and Ding Xuexiang – with single underlining attribute that they’re loyal to the Chinese ruler. The daily, while taking note of an aggressive and revisionist China, portrays an ominous time ahead for the world, advising India to pay attention to defence needs and finds ways to meet the dragon challenge.

The Indian Express has also opined that India’s relations with China will sink further, asking the government to work faster to meet the emerging challenges. The Noida-based daily has attributed Xi for dismantling collective leadership, weaponising anti-corruption to decimate opponents, creating a surveillance state, promoting personality cult, besides stressing that the Chinese President’s handling of Covid-19 was disastrous.

The Pioneer noted that Xi doubled China’s GDP to $17.73 trillion, while enhancing the per capital income $11,890 in 2021. The daily underlined that the unemployment in 16-24 is at a record high, while XI has stepped up defence spending to a record high of $208 billion.

The dailies are on a consensus on Xi’s wresting the third term, suggesting that a rogue ruler in Beijing will have challenging ramifications for India and the world. Also, Xi has promoted generals who led the People’s Liberation Army to the top echelon, while Galwan skirmish was part of the inauguration feature of the 20th Communist Party Congress. That must not leave any doubt that dictator Xi will ride warmongering to inflate ultra-nationalism in China to rule for life.

Worsening job crisis

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the government drive for recruitment of 10 lakh people, with 75000 inducted in the first batch. The plan was approved by the Union Cabinet, and it came at a time when the Centre became aware that the economy is left with no oxygen to create new jobs.

The Times of India has weaved an Editorial on the basis of the CMIE data, which is consistently rejected by the government and its policy czars while there exists official employment data vacuum, stating that “today’s job crisis is tomorrow’s social crisis”. The daily underlined that “people in the age group of 20-29 make up 84 per cent of the unemployed actively seeking jobs”. The daily added that the unemployment are in the age group is 12.3 per cent

Pictures of the youth sprawling all over railways stations in Uttar Pradesh, while travelling for examination centres for clerical government jobs, and the violent protests against the Agniveer scheme endorse the fear that economy remains in a no job-growth bind, fueling more demands for reservations.

Pakistan ducks Imran Khan

Ousted former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan delivered fiery spell to Rawalpindi, with crowd cheering his slaying of the rivals in the bypolls for the National Assembly and the Punjab Assembly. Pakistani Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa scripted Khan’s replacement with Shehbaz Sharif to buy peace with the western powers for coming out of the grey list of the terror funding watchdog FATF and financial bailouts to keep the sinking economy afloat.

Khan is now facing the music for provoking the military bosses, as the Pakistani Election Commission barred him from holding an office for five years. The Hindu in its Editorial has argued that military and not Khan is a threat to democracy in Pakistan. The Chennai-based daily spends its essay the pulls and pressure of ‘democracy’ in Pakistan. That no PM in Pakistan has completed tenure should have been proof enough that democracy in Pakistan is a sham, while being a façade for the military bosses to own a country by manufacturing the opium of jihad to fool the population.

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2 thoughts on “World’s Xi threat; Worsening job crisis; Pakistan ducks Imran Khan

  1. Good coverage on worry factor for India due to 3rd term of XI & his plans, defence budget.
    – No surprise for India but need to be prepared.
    Job crisis and present economic condition across the globe is known to all.
    Brainstorm sessions among domain experts required on burning topics but who / how all can be brought to one platform for the sake of our country ?
    – economic worries and ways to recovery
    – future prospects / opportunities for youth ( Govt or private sectors)
    Overall, a great coverage so no one should miss this.

    1. Interesting read on crucial and challenging times. The replacement of PM Imran Khan points to the importance of being in the ‘good books’ of International organizations.
      The news regarding the job opportunities for the citizens in India though applaudable, can only be viewed as a temporary measure. The bigger picture and long lasting changes in the unemployment of a large amount of the population calls for revolutionary changes in the functioning of the Indian economy.

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