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By Manish Anand

New Delhi, October 23: North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin rushed to congratulate Xi Jinping for taking the third term of China’s President against the Constitution of the country even while the democratic world continues to digest the rise of an Orwellian State amid the growing shadow of war.

The India born George Orwell in his novel ‘1984’ portrayed a state that continues to remain most relevant when the people have broken most of the glass ceilings with their socio-economic progress on the back of technological advancements. But the prophetic words of Mao – power flows from the barrels of the gun – stays the one-line Constitution of China, for Xi’s People’s Liberation Army, raised for personal loyalty, has emerged the principal tool to rule the country, and also purge the dissenters.

After throwing his predecessor Hu Jintao, who was President of China from 2002-12 and led his country with the most rapid economic rise, from the 20th Communist Party Congress meeting on Saturday, Xi purged his number two Li Keqiang. Hu had slapped Li before marching out of the Great Hall of the People after he was forcibly lifted and escorted out against his wishes on the order of Xi. Li and Hu shared a common economic vision for China, for both believed in the reform and opening up to the world in contrast to Xi’s vision of state-owned enterprises and an inward-looking economy.

Also, Xi has packed the Central Politburo with his lackeys in a clear sign that China will be an Orwellian State with Big Brother controlling and micro-managing thoughts and actions of the people. The Politburo consists of the chosen henchmen of Xi (69) – Li Qiang (63). Zao Leji (65), Wang Huning (67), Cai Qi (66), Deng Xuexiang (60), and Li Xi (66). The bio data of the six aides of Xi show that they had all just one qualification – serving the interests of the Chinese President since 1980s.

Xi broke the Chinese convention to retire at 68 years of age. He has packed the Politburo with aides who are all his peers in age also, signalling that the third term is not being aimed to be the last by Xi in the office. He has surely set eyes for a much longer tenure, while Xi has been speaking of 2049 in his speeches, invoking perceived threats from the western world of containment. Dictators always build the wall of fear to imprison their population to perpetuate regimes.

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