World wakes up to Iran protests

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By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, October 1. Young girls in denim jeans and top wave hijab, leaving their blond hairs to breathe fresh air in the face of armed security personnel on the streets of several cities in Iran. Fear of regime seems gone, and bullets aren’t scaring away the young and old women alike who are joined by men in equal strength.

Iran after weeks of protests that set off following the killing of a young girl Mahsa Amini following blows for not wearing hijab appropriately enough is now seething. Man and women alike seem determined to throw the religion ordained regimentation of the people with dress code.

Amini was dragged from her car and smashed against pavements that left her with grievous injuries. Afterwards, the protests have spread like a wildfire, with women cutting off their hair in solidarity with slain Amini.

The protest in the last few hours has gained additional domino effect with an anthem through a song that has now become a war cry, which was sung by Shervin Hajipour, explaining why the people are protesting on the street.

“…three days ago Shervin Hajipour released the song …it is a collection of tweets in which protesters have explained why they are protesting …each tweet began with the word Baraye which means Because…,” tweeted Rana Rahimpour, a BBC journalist.

The singer has been reported to have been arrested, while the song video has been taken down by the authorities.

Kasra Naji, another BBC journalist for Persian, tweeted that former Prime Minister of Iran Mir Hussein Mousavi has called upon the Iranian military to take the side of the supporters. He has been under house arrest for over 10 years now. Reports suggest that over 70 people in Iran have been killed by the security forces for taking part in the protests.

The world community, after remaining mute for days, is now joining in the condemnation of the Iranian security forces for the brutal suppression of the protests for civil rights by the women in Iran.

“Mashhad medical university…dozens of universities have joined protests today; we are witnessing one of the largest anti-regime protest in the history of Islamic Republic,” tweeted Rahimpour, while tagging a video in which students are shouting “students would be dead before they are silenced”.

People in over 175 cities across the world would now be hosting solidarity march in support of the Iranian women.

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1 thought on “World wakes up to Iran protests

  1. Women, like men, should have the right to decide how to dress. Whether to wear a hijab or not is completely a personal choice, and doesn’t make sense if someone else dictates a woman on whether to cover herself and in what way either. But the fact that the young woman who didn’t follow in accordance was treated with such brutality is very shameful and disheartening. Hope soon the rebellious Iranian women who are now standing up for themselves emerge victorious !

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