White paper revolution grips China, Xi Jinping is grounded


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By Manish Anand

New Delhi, November 28: Within two months of grabbing the third term and purging rivals in the Chinese Communist Party, China’s President Xi Jinping is now faced with a white paper revolution. Fearless youth and students are taking on the security personnel with their non-violent protests, as the ‘Zero Covid Policy’ has riled the people against the Communist regime.

The Chinese security personnel are resorting to deleting pictures and videos of the protests from the mobile phones of the protestors, while the Communist regime is cleansing the social media of any posts related to the massive outbreak of the protests. The students on the campus are holding white paper sheets, while slogans are being raised to demand multi-party democracy and resignation of Xi, reported multiple news agencies and independent activists who are based out of the US.

On Monday, the security personnel also briefly detained a BBC correspondent in Shanghai who was covering the protest, while the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson refrained from commenting on the outbreak of the popular support. The outbreak of protest in China against Xi is similar to Iranian revolution against the Ayatollah regime after the killing of Mehsa Amini. In China, the protests broke out after 10 people allegedly were killed in a fire in a building where they were confined for being Covid-19 positive in the Xinjiang province. Amini’s killing removed the fear of death from the Iranian students, and so far over 400 people have lost their lives in Iran. Similar spontaneous protests are taking place in China, after months of the ‘Zero Covid Policy’ brought the PPE wearing regime personnel into the bedrooms of the Chinese people.

The extensive heatwave in China has also adversely affected the output of the foodgrains, while the statistics of Beijing are mostly unreliable, as the activists accuse the Communist regime of hiding the true facts. But the videos doing the rounds on internet of the people protesting for food suggest that China is in the midst of a severe agrarian crisis. The Chinese economy has also grown at a mere 2.9 per cent in the last financial year against the claims of 5.5 per cent of Xi. Clearly, the agrarian crisis coupled with the economic collapse coincided with the power grabbing by Xi, and he may have made too many enemies within the Chinese Communist Party by humiliating his predecessor Hu Jintao and also the powerful leaders in the provinces by handpicking lackeys in the Politburo who had been known to have failed in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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