Watershed Event; Grain Gains; G20 Consensus

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Watershed Event

The Asian Age has said in its Editorial that the Opposition meeting in Bengaluru was a watershed event. It added that the outcome was first of its kind, for the past experiments in the Indian political history hadn’t brought almost all Opposition outfits on a platform. The daily has heaped praise on the Congress for dropping the claims on the prime ministerial candidate for the larger cause of the Opposition unity.

The first objective of the Opposition has been served, as the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is now gripped with doubts, which were revealed in its bending back to cobble up 39-party NDA show. But transporting the chemistry on dais to the ground on the poll day is an arduous journey.

Grain Gains

The Indian Express has in its Editorial suggested that the world may not need to be alarmed over the sudden spike in the grains’ prices following Russian and the Ukrainian fireworks in the Odesha and Crimean regions along with uncertainty over the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which was brokered by the United Nations and Turkey. The Noida-based daily said that Russia has become the top wheat supplier, to mostly the Middle East, while other nations have also seized the opportunities, which could blunt the impact of the likely drop by 30-40 per cent in grains’ output in Ukraine.

It will be too early to exude confidence of nonchalance, for Russia-Ukraine War alone is not a threat to food security. The Climate Change is a bigger threat to food security, and the humanity will be better served by expanding the food basket.

G20 Consensus

The Economic Times has noted in nits Editorial that India has been able to guide the G20 during its presidency on some of the core issues affecting the Global South such as debt crisis, minimum tax on MNCs, reform in the multilateral financial institutions, and also the financing of the climate mitigation efforts. The business daily has also lauded China for addressing the debt stress of the developing countries.

The daily appears to be in a hurry to reach to a conclusion, for China is reloading finances to save the imploding Belt and Road Initiative, and Beijing’s disappearance from addressing the financial woes of Sri Lanka should act as an exemplar.  

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