War of future in Ukraine; Yogi meets film star cast; Global education

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War of future in Ukraine

Ukrainian pushback against Russia has come on the strength of technical superiority, deployment of artificial intelligence, drones to set up a war theatre that may give glimpses of future battles, and also a warning that the days of conventional war is over.

Kolkata based The Telegraph has given a full account of the Ukraine War theatre, while stating that if World War I was about fighter jets, World War II was about nuclear weapons, Kyiv has now become a laboratory of future weapons. The daily stated that NATO is testing its super weapons in Ukraine, as marine drone brought devastations to Russia’s Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea, besides destroying Kerch Bridge that links Crimea with Russia. Also, Ukraine blunted Russia fire power by using drone jamming facilities provided by NATO.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has used his smart phones to turn the tide against his Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is seemingly struggling to find an escape route out of the war, as Ukraine rejected his 36-hour ceasefire. Russia has used supersonic missiles against Ukraine, with most of them successfully blocked by the US-supplied Patriot air shields. This may explain why the US and Europe are not in a hurry to buy peace with Putin, for technology is on their side. This must also be a warning for India to check its tech-enabled fire power such as machines which can kill enemies and equipment that can pushback drones.      

Yogi meets film star cast

Films and web series after the pandemic outbreak have heavily borrowed from the rustic life of Uttar Pradesh for their adaptations, while the state is becoming more visible in films. Film City in Noida was envisaged to compete with Mumbai, but the hole became the centre of a separate entertainment industry as news channels bought throwaway price properties.

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is making another bid to attract the film industry to set their shops in Greater Noida. Hyderabad with facilities such as Ramoji Film City has shown that Mumbai can indeed be given a competition. But The Pioneer in an Editorial has stated that ‘split personality’ of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party could be a roadblock for Yogi to attract film industry. The Noida-based daily has argued that a section of the BJP leaders still live in the 17th century, while some give sound bytes of the 21st century. Many centuries live in the BJP, said the daily, adding that enemies of free speech are also foes of films.

Yet, it may not be ignored that Noida-Greater Noida has emerged as a key industrial hub in the recent years on account of infrastructure, which is one of the best in the country. The upcoming Jewar Airport could give further fillip to film city ambition. Besides, there are film talents, which feel suffocated in Mumbai, and they may benefit from an alternative base.     

Global education

There’s a section of people why can spend any amount of money to get the tags of foreign varsities for their children – some have cash to burn and others are drawn in rat race to drown in education loan.

The Indian Express in an Editorial has said that the decision of the UGC to allow foreign campuses is long overdue. The Noida-based daily said that the draft rules may help foreign varsities to set their shops in India with autonomy for academics, governance, admission policy and fees. The daily said that about 4.5 lakh students study abroad. The move will surely also save outflow of foreign currencies.     

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