Voicing Global South: Opening up Northeast; Myanmar mutiny

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Voicing Global South

India is making a well-crafted move to become the voice of the Global South – developing countries. Post-pandemic and also after the Russia-Ukraine War, the global order is in a reset stage, and the world may need more than two poles, as India eyes a place on the global high table.

The Asian Age in an Editorial has stated that the sufferings of the Global South, which is addressed to a group of 120 nations from Asia, Africa and Latin America, has been disproportionate even while they had no rile in either the pandemic or the Ukraine War. The daily underlined that the Global South needs finance to deal with twin challenges of climate challenge and inflationary pressure.

A large number of nations in the Global South are under an unusual influence of China and yoked to Beijing’s debt-trap strategy, which is interwoven with its strategic expansion. India may have the moral compass to become the voice of the Global South, but the economic wherewithal is still missing to give effect to the vision of development partnership with the constituent countries. Also, the relics of the post-World War II such as the United Nations aren’t going away, as they serve the interests of a few countries.

Opening up Northeast

MV Ganga Vilas, which is stated to be the world’s largest river cruise, was formally launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Varanasi, with tourists from Switzerland onboard. Over 50-day cruise, with take the tourists to several rivers, from Ganga to Brahmaputra, besides venturing into Bangladesh to re-enter the Northeastern parts of India.

The Pioneer in an Editorial has richly lauded the initiative, for this brings a new opportunity for the regions on the banks of Ganga, which have been economically backward. Besides, the daily also lauded the efforts to open up the Northeastern states to the world. The Northeast, which has one of the most exquisite flora and fauna, including rivers so clean and pure that their depths could be seen, is India’s tourism goldmine.

But this cruise is being operated by a private entity and the success of the cruise will need to be watched out. It is also to see that the tourists don’t add to pollution to the rivers during the cruise, as they partake in the diverse culture of India.

Myanmar mutiny

Beyond the glare of the world power, Myanmar Junta, the authoritarian ruling regime, is bombarding its own ethnic people, who are one-third of the population, with over 40,000 of them have sneaked into Mizoram and other Northeastern parts of India. India has been wavering to take a stand against Myanmar, while the country is ruled by the Chinese proxy General Min Aung Hlaing.

The Indian Express in an Editorial has given an account of several revolts which are being led by the ethnic groups against the military Junta. The daily also stated that Myanmar is carrying out airstrikes against the ethnic groups along borders with Bangladesh, Thailand. The daily has also stated that the election being planned the by the ruling Junta this year in Myanmar is a sham, and real democracy must there prevail.

It goes without further elaboration that China is the sponsor of most of the thug regimes in the world. Population in nations such as Myanmar and North Korea have been condemned to live in worst of the conditions solely because Beijing keeps the military thugs there afloat. The world powers such as the US are yet to cut the supply lines of these thuggish regimes. India must condemn Myanmar’s rulers.       

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