Tulsi Gabbard exits ‘Leftist’ Democrats; Is crowdfunding begging; Kennedy, Khrushchev template to end Russia-Ukraine War

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Tulsi Gabbard exits ‘Leftist’ Democrats

Racial polarization defines American politics, and the leading lights of either the Democrats or the Republicans have been embracing extreme positions.

Tulsi Gabbard, the rising star in the US politics and a former Presidential candidate, has quit the Democratic Party. The Pioneer in its Editorial, while detailing her ‘stifling’, has claimed that the Democratic Party is falling in the grips of Leftist extremists, embracing growing racism. The daily noted that the Democratic Party is apathetic to the rise of radical Islam, while being a cabal of warmongers. The daily found merits in Gabbard’s lament, arguing that the Democratic Party is turning anarchist, toying with the idea of defunding the police and opening the border.

The Noida-based daily described Gabbard’s exit as the departure of reason and commonsense. It also drew a parallel with the “undue influence of the Left in the UPA-I-led by PM Manmohan Singh, with excessive damage to the economy, which took seven years of Narendra Modi-led NDA to undo”.

The tone and tenor of the Editorial may leave scope for a debate, for there are visible evidences of predominant racism against non-Whites in the US, which is also evident in Europe, while Gabbard has accused her former party of promoting anti-White racism. The US and Europe lecture the world on liberal values, having profiteered from the global loot of resources, and if the migrants go to their shores they must welcome them for being the reasons for such migrations. Also, the Americans profiteer from wars worldwide, cutting across the party lines, and so for Gabbard to accuse the Democrats for being warmongers would be too selective.

is Crowdfunding begging?

What is begging? What is charity? How does crowdfunding work? Using pictures of children and misery to invoke the human values of empathy is a trademark pattern in the digital crowdfunding. This debate lies in the domain of subjective interpretations, and it may prove frustrating to reach a conclusion.

Yet, the Times of India in its Editorial has weighed the arguments following the Mumbai Police notice, asking if the use of the pictures of children in such digital crowdfunding efforts doesn’t amount to begging, while the High Court too has asked Maharashtra government to reply if the private organisations can raise funds online for medical treatments. The daily has called the zeal of the Mumbai Police absurd, while counting the virtues of crowdfunding, as seen in the Ukrainian War, students fulfilling their higher education ambitions and so on.

The daily, however, asked the police to go after the fraudsters who exploit the crowdfunding modes. It says ‘it’s okay to donate’. Delhi has given up on curbing begging on streets. Now, well-bodied young men and women have no hesitations to ask pedestrians to buy them food, fund their travels, while in the US some may be waylaid, with guns pointed, to part with valuables. It’s for the society to decide on such issues, and begging is indeed a degradation of the human values, which in no way should be promoted in any form anywhere.

Kennedy, Khrushchev template to end Russia-Ukraine War

Ukraine is on a high after wresting control of areas from the Russian controls, and the US-led NATO could be encouraging Kyiv to go for the kill and win even Crimea to push Vladimir Putin in a hole. This is a dangerous game, with an inexhaustible supply line for fireworks.

The Hindu in its Editorial has asked Russia and the US to take lessons from the way the 1962 Cuban crisis was defused after Khrushchev wrote letters to Kennedy, which were warmly reciprocated. True, there exists no communication between Russia and the US. They don’t even want any communication.      

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