Sheikh Hasina drops bombshell; ‘they’ll carve out Christian country…’

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

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Sheikh Hasina alleges plan of balkanization of Bangladesh & Myanmar afoot

By Manish Anand

New Delhi, May 27: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has pointed fingers at the US without taking name for plan to carve out a Christian country. Hasina claimed that there is a conspiracy to create East Timor in the Bay of Bengal.

“Like East Timor, they will carve out a Christian country taking parts of Bangladesh (Chattogram) and Myanmar with a base in the Bay of Bengal, Hasina was quoted by Sputnik India having told a Bangladeshi daily.

There has been buzz for years that the US wants St. Martin Island from Bangladesh. The small island is situated at the northeastern part of Bay of Bengal. It’s closer to the Cox Bazar.

The Bangladeshi prime minister claimed that she had been offered a hassle-free re-election if she allowed a base to a foreign country within Bangladesh. She said that the offer was made by a ‘white man’.

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It may be noted that the US and Bangladesh were locked in war of words in the run up to the national elections in Bangladesh. Hasina won her fifth term in the office while the Opposition boycotted the elections.

Sputnik India quoted Hasina’s former advisor Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury, saying that “the politician’s statements were well thought out. It was amply clear that the US has been trying to make inroads in the South Asian region through its support for anti-government forces.”

Hasina made reference to conspiracy to carve out a separate nation out of Bangladesh and Myanmar. The tribal groups in Myanmar are waging war against the military junta.

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“The Awami League official pointed out that since last year, the Biden administration supported opposition forces in Myanmar after Joe Biden signed the BURMA Act into law,” Sputnik India stated in a report.

The news agency stated that the BURMA Act provides for “non-lethal assistance” for Myanmar’s ‘Ethnic Armed Organizations’. The ethnic groups in Myanmar have wrested control over several border regions of Myanmar.

It is also being said that the US support for the ethnic tribals of Myanmar could have security implications for India. The US is being attributed to be supporting the Kuki-Chin rebels in Myanmar.

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Manipur has also been facing ethnic strife for the past one year after violent clashes broke out between the Kuki and Meitie tribal groups. India is planning to barb the border with Myanmar after reporting a heavy influx of refugees from Myanmar.

“The US has for a long time sought to establish a naval base at St Martin’s Island. Bangladesh condemns such military ambitions,” Squadron Leader (retired) Sadrul Ahmed Khan told Sputnik India.

He warned that the move of the US will destroy “our sovereignty and affect peace and stability of South Asia”. India has not yet officially reacted to the claims of Hasina.

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