Sai Pallavi: Doctor turned actor speaks against hate


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By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, June 20: Telugu actor Sai Pallavi is hugely successful, awing her fans with smile, dance and acting skills.

But she is a class apart in her industry, as Pallavi is a thinking person and unafraid of speaking her minds on contentious issues .

Unlike her legendary peers who keep mum when the country burns in the name of hatred, Pallavi smiles and delivers messages which are rare to hear from the people in the film industry.

“I hope the day doesn’t come when a child is born and he or she is scared of his or her identity,” Pallavi said in an Instagram video.

She took to the social media platform to clarify her previous statements made in an interview which drew backlash.

In an age when accolades and backlashes are instant, the actors, known to be thin-skinned, rarely come aboard to reassert their thoughts.

But Pallavi is different. She also happens to be an MBBS, and a qualified doctor.

Pallavi, 30, has been acting in Telugu, Tamil and other regional language films, while commands fan-following across the country.

Not too many film actors spoke their minds on twin trending subjects of the recent times, which agitated the minds of the people, that Pallavi identified as the film ‘Kashmir Files’ and mob lynching during the pandemic.

‘Kashmir Files’ was commercially a runaway success, and the people rushed to the cinema halls to watch the film at a time when every film being released is bombing for the fans giving up on the habit of going to cineplexes for watching films.

“I was disturbed at the plight of the people, and also to (the attempts to) belittle a tragedy while a generation is still afflicted …,” said Pallavi while stating that she experienced a traumatic feelings after watching ‘Kashmir Films’ and afterwards she spoke to the makers of the movie during which she spoke her minds.

Indeed, a generation of the affected people who suffered the exodus from the Kashmir valley are still suffering the trauma, and they are yet to get the justice while they live in other cities, and many as refugees.

Pallavi also expressed her indignation to the incidents of mob lynching and a large number of the people justifying them.

A hungry man was lynched to death during the Covid-19 pandemic in Punjab and very few people came forth to condemn the incident.

“It’s disturbing to see many people justifying mob lynching,” said Pallavi.

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