Putin losing war in Ukraine; Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust; Mapping cancer

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Ukrainian pushback to Russia is a tight slap on authoritarian rogue Vladimir Putin.

Deccan Herald in its Editorial has called for an end to the seven months long Russian invasion of Ukraine, hailing the fightback by the brave Ukrainian people.

The day the news trickled that Russia would be taking help from North Korea with missiles and others, it became evident that Putin is taking his country to an abyss after his murderous assault on Ukraine backfired.

The daily has quoted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to state that as on September 12 Ukraine has taken back around 6,000 sq km of territory in the country’s south and northeast this month. The counteroffensives are ferocious in the face of high morale of the people in Ukraine.

The Bengaluru-based daily has also claimed that the Russian military itself has admitted of having lost control of key cities in the Kharkiv region.

Horrendous would be too mild to describe Putin’s actions in Ukraine, for he has evidently committed crime against humanity, while it’s a sad commentary that a vast number of people have to live under the regimes of rogues as are the cases in Russia, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and some of the African countries.

Putin wanted to crush Ukraine in weeks, if not in days, and seven months have now gone by, which demonstrate that he has convincingly lost the Great Game.

Congress burns Khakhi shorts

Congress’ official twitter handle put out a Khakji short set on fire and ever since there is a slugfest among the political leaders.

Social media has overshadowed the mainstream media in its reach, while becoming a medium of instant stardom.

The Indian Express and The Pioneer have taken note of the storm that Congress set off on social media by provoking Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh’s trademark uniform.

The RSS’ top ranking functionary Manmohan Vaidya hit back at Congress, accusing the opposition party of spewing violence and hatred. Predictably, Bharatiya Janata Party was also unsparing in its condemnation.

But the two dailies took note of the fact that Congress is not apologetic, as its head of the communication department Jairam Ramesh spoke of paying in the same coin.

Social media indeed is a platform that not only dulls intellect people, but make them too dumb. But reality is the social media reach is the touchstone of success in the digital age. That should take the political class on a journey of ‘Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust’.

Mapping cancer

For a few bucks, data can be procured of mora than half of India’s population to monetize the people. But for key policy framing, there remains a lack of data such as of the cancer patients in the country.

The recommendation of a parliamentary panel that cancer be made a notifiable disease has been welcomed by The Times of India in its Editorial. This will make it mandatory that each case is reported to the concerned authority for a larger database.

The daily argued that only 10 per cent of the deaths in India are medically certified. So, there may be a case of a gross underreporting of cancer cases, which the ICRMR, noted the daily, could 14 lakh annually, and half of them dying.

India’s morality to incidence ratio is 0.68, much higher stated ToI, which added that this is 0.38 in the advanced countries solely on account of an early stage screening.

The daily also took a grim view of the 2013 decision of the government to set up 39 state and tertiary cancer institutes in the country.

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