Psychopath in Delhi; Lawless Punjab; COP27: India’s green footprints

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Psychopath in Delhi

Human depravity knows no limits, and Aftab Ameen Poonawala, who killed his live-in partner and cut her body in 35 pieces, comes out as a sickening psychopath who couldn’t have even been imagined by the scriptwriters of horror movies.

The Pioneer in its Editorial expressed shock at the incident, while expressing disbelief that the psychopath not only killed his spouse but lived with the cut parts of her body for weeks stored in a 300-litre fridge. The daily also noted with dismay that it was a friend of the victim Shraddha Walkar, who tipped off brother of the deceased that her mobile phone had been switched off for over two months. The parents of Shraddha had snapped communication after she had eloped with Aftab.

All this happened in Mehrouli in South Delhi where the population density would be the highest in the country, with people living in ‘pigeon holes’. The Noida-based daily draws a few lessons – parents don’t abandon your kids, perverts and psychopaths are all around us, take domestic violence seriously and that there are indeed people who think that they can get away with crimes. Judiciary should make a stand out case against Aftab and deliver speedy justice to Shraddha, which should be a deterrent for lurking psychopaths in the society.

Lawless Punjab

Murders in Punjab are now common, and the people in the state have a general sense of fear. The collapse of the law and order in Punjab is astounding, and the onus indeed rests with the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

The Indian Express in its Editorial has given an account of a series of murders – Sandeep Singh Nangal Ambian killed in broad daylight on March 14, Kabaddi player Dharminder Singh on April 16, Shubhdeep Singh Moosewala , gangster Deepak Tinu, drug smuggler Amrik Singh, Shiv Sena leader Sudhir Suri, and a Dera Sacha Sauda follower for alleged sacrilege.

The daily reminded that over 35,000 people had been gunned down in Punjab during the violence from the mid-1980s to mid-1990s. The enormity of challenge cannot be met by superficial measure such as banning songs that glorify weapons, added the daily, while also recalling Captain Amarinder Singh’s similar crackdown on movies which promoted gun culture. Lawlessness in Punjab must be dealt with a stern and iron-fisted hand, and the incumbent Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann certainly doesn’t show the heart for the daunting task.    

India’s green footprints

The COP27 at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt is holding deliberations on ways to cut down carbon emissions. The Economic Times cited in its Editorial that India’s carbon footprint is seven per cent of the total against 31 per cent of China and 14 per cent of the US, while the EU accounts for eight per cent.

Indeed, the deliberations at Sharm el-Sheikh seek phasing out coal, and India would naturally be in the spotlight. But the world, noted the ET, has not done their bids to help India make a faster transition to the green energy, since 80 per cent of the funds mobilized for $44 billion green finance came from the domestic sources. But the daily rightly stated that India is vulnerable to climate change, and the country should be steadfast in the climate change mitigation efforts irrespective of the double-standard of the developed world.    

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1 thought on “Psychopath in Delhi; Lawless Punjab; COP27: India’s green footprints

  1. Very good coverage on Shraddha’s elope with lover Aftab, worse than hell experience till last breath and no connection with the parents for months – is a message to the clueless new generations.
    – This may have many angles including religions, anger, lust / infidelity but definitely a Psychopathic experience time for Shraddha.
    – Roots (religious, cultural, day to day guidance from a normal family) is very important for a smooth present and future time.

    Not surprised with the Punjab’s law less present situation and past from quite few years. This would not change unless the common people become more sensible.

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