Protests in Europe against arming Ukraine; Russia notes China peace plan

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By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, February 27: Protests have begun sweeping through European capitals against arms supply to Ukraine. On the anniversary of the Ukrainian war, protests have been mobilized in Germany, the UK and elsewhere in Europe against NATO’s bid to scale up the war theatre by member countries pushing arms and ammunitions.

The people in Europe are stated to be growing tired of NATO nations staying gung-ho on war and not opening communication channels with Russia to find a way out of the war. The people in Germany and the UK have hit the street to put pressure on their governments to work for peace negotiations. Incidentally, the western mainstream media is seen ignoring such protests.

The people’s protests in Germany, the UK and elsewhere in Europe are finding resonance with the fatigue with several other countries, who are warry of the extended economic hardships affecting the economic situations in developing countries. On Saturday, a large number of people hit the street with banners and raised slogans at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. They demanded peace negotiations with Russia. Similar scenes were visible in the UK and France also. Social media activists shared videos of the protestors in the UK, Germany and France, showing the people carrying Russian flags, while demanding peace negotiations with Russia.

Left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht and women’s rights activist Alice Schwarzer organized the peace protests in Germany. They called for an end to the bloodshed in Ukraine. The protestors are mobilizing support on the social media platforms.

Incidentally, the NATO nations have scaled up the supplies of arms to Ukraine. The battle tanks, drones and other lethal weapons have been provided to Ukraine in its fightback against the invading Russia. In some quarters, the strategic experts have also noted that the NATO nations have been testing their “weapons of future” against the Russian army.

Meanwhile, Russia on Monday said that the 12-point Chinese peace plan is being great attention. China had come out with a position paper, calling for respecting sovereignty of all countries, ceasing hostilities, resuming talks, allowing grains’ exports among others. It may be noted that Russia-Ukraine have not been talking for months after their failed initiative of Türkiye.

Even at the G20 Finance Ministers’ conference in Bengaluru, the western nations on one side and China and Russia on the other side sparred over a joint communique which contained two paragraphs condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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