‘No rank, no pension scheme’: Rahul Gandhi says govt will have to roll back Agnipath


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By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, June 22: Fresh from five-day long questioning by the Enforcement Directorate in the National Herald case, the former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday told the party workers that the Narendra Modi government will have to take back ‘no rank, no psneion’ (Agnipath) scheme.

Speaking at the party headquarters where he was accorded a warm welcome in the presence of the party’s key leaders from states, Rahul Gandhi said that the “ED was not able to tire him out even after questioning for long hours”.

“I was being questioned in a small room, 12X12, which had three ED officials and a computer. They used to frequently go out of the room to take instructions, but I would remain seated there for hours. They were surprised to see my patience,” Gandhi told the Congress workers.

Elaborating on patience, he took the names of Sachin Pilot and Siddaramaiah, saying that “they are seated patiently in the true spirit of the Congress”.

Sachin Pilot had raised the banner of revolt against the Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, but both had afterwards called truce.

“The ED officials asked me, what’s your secret that you don’t get tired? I told them that I do Vipasana, and I am so used to sit for hours. I’m not bothered if I’m made to sit for 7-8 hours,” said Gandhi.

He further said that “Rahul Gandhi wasn’t alone there in the room; each worker and leader of the party were there with me. You can tire out one, but millions of Congress workers will not be tired”.

‘Only Congress workers and leaders were not there with me in the room, but all those fearless people against this (Modi) government were there, who were not given special invitations by the ED,” said Gandhi.

The Congress leader said that the ED officials asked him about the secret of his patience.

“I get the patience from the party. Sachin Pilot is sitting here. Siddaramai, Randeep are patiently sitting here. The party doesn’t let us get tired, and it teaches us patience,” said Gandhi.

He took potshot at the BJP, saying “there patience is not required, procrastination is enough”.

“Congress leaders cannot be intimidated or bullied. Truth never tires out, and patience cannot be exhausted,” said Gandhi.

Hitting out at the NDA government at the Centre, Gandhi charged that the employment backbone of the country has been broken.

“This country will not be able to give employments to the youth. Two or three industrialists cannot provide employments,” said Gandhi.

Turning to the Agnipath scheme, Gandhi claimed that the government “now has also shut down the path of nationalism with no rank no pension scheme”.

“Chinese military is occupying the land of India, as thousands of square kms of land have been snatched by them, which is a fact accepted by the government. The military should be strengthened but the government is weakening the forces. In times of war, the impact will be seen,” said Gandhi.

He said that the Modi government will have to take back the Agnipath scheme on the lines of the Farm Laws.

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