Nationalist fervour runs through Kartavya Path

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By Alka Jain

New Delhi, September 10: Visitors, including foreigners, are thronging to the statue of Subhash Chandra Bose, while nationalist sentiments run through the people who take selfies with the freedom fighter icon on Kartavya Path.

A group of women from Kerala timed their visit to Delhi with the inauguration of the Central Vista. They claimed that the place is now more beautiful and full of patriotic feelings,

“We have come here to visit Delhi. We wanted to visit Delhi at the time of the Kartavya Path inauguration. We have read a lot about changes to this place and find the same being reflected here today. This is a very good place; will visit again whenever in Delhi,” they said.

Surajit Gupta, a Delhi resident, said that his nationalist feelings often bring him to India Gate and September 8 holds a special significance for him, because “PM Narendra Modi erased the symbol of colonialism by renaming ‘Rajpath’ as ‘Kartavya Path’ and installing the statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose”.

“I often come to this place. Today, I am feeling proud after observing numerous positive changes here. I was very excited to take an in-person look at Kartavya Path and Netaji’s status. I even took leave from the office early. PM Modi has taken a great initiative. He has brought many positive changes to India. We have so many facilities at India Gate now. The premises used to look dirty earlier, but now it looks neat,” Gupta said.

He also said, “PM Modi has established a good image of India today. Earlier, foreigners used to demoralize Indians, however, they respect them today. For them, India means Modi.”

People turned up in a large number to take the first look at the redeveloped Kartavya Path, formerly known as Rajpath. It has new pathways, curated lawns, public toilets, state-wise food stalls, and refurbished canals.

Visitors looked amazed by the grandeur and captured the luminous scenes featuring the iconic gate, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose statue, long-grassy patches on the pathways, and drizzling waterfalls.

Some visitors even said that they feel proud after looking at Indian freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s statue here.

Okyu, an African who came to Delhi for a business trip and visited India Gate, said that he has come to this pathway for the first time and is finding the place interesting to explore further. He was seen clicking pictures of the iconic pathway and the monument, while also enquiring about the significance of the place.

“I have come to Delhi for a business trip. This is my first visit to Delhi. I am still exploring this place and talking to people about the history of this monument. I have visited the Gateway of India in Mumbai many times, but have come to India Gate for the first time. I like going to the Gateway of India and have the same feeling about India Gate too. I still want to know more and explore this monument,” he said.

He also talked about his own observations about the country, saying that culture holds great significance for people here. “I think Indians are quite rigid about their culture. They value their culture a lot,” Okyu added.

Another visitor, Ashish Sharma, who is a UPSC aspirant, said that this is his first visit to India Gate.

“People used to tell me that the premises of India Gate look dirty. I have never visited here previously, so this is my first visit. I believe those people should take their words back and should visit here to witness the amazing changes made by the government. People can spend a good time here,” he said.

Sonu Tyagi, a Delhi resident, lauded stalls of the states to allow them to showcase their culture to the visitors.

“The government has made available many facilities here. There are new and broad pathways, well-managed green spaces, public toilets, food stalls, pedestrians, CCTVs, security personnel for security purposes, etc. So far, around 16 states have been allocated spaces to open shops here to represent their culture. More will be allocated soon,” he added.

Zaahir Khan, a visitor from Bihar, said that he feels proud of the development being done by the Modi government. “Our religion teaches us that people should respect their country. I am feeling proud after visiting here. PM Modi has done a great job,” he said.

(Author is enrolled in Become a journalist programme of The Raisina Hills)

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