Modi has fiscal advantage; Shining Israel; Take a bow girls in Iran

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Modi has fiscal advantage

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a clear advantage in fiscal position of the government at a time when the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is firmly in the election mode. The direct tax collections have been trending up since 2021-22 fiscal, which only got better in the ongoing financial year, absorbing the bloating subsidy burden.

The Indian Express in its Editorial has given an account of the positive gains, with the gross tax collections growing during April-September at a rate of 18 per cent, while the Budget was modest with an estimate of two per cent. Direct tax collections have been galloping at 24 per cent rate in the first six months of the current fiscal. The daily also stated that the September GST collections at Rs 1.51 lakh crore is second highest since April this year.

Indeed, the capital expenditure to create the durable assets is also reporting fast-paced growth, but the economy could have been on a faster lane if the government had not been fixated with bloating the food subsidy bill for electoral reason, and not finding ways to cut down on fertilizer subsidy burden. Also, the tax collections may be strong because of stingy taxations on a host of goods, which should have been outside the GST ambit. Corporate world is also bloating with rising profits, but the gains are not seen passing on to their employees or customers. Thus, the tax collections are much higher, the economy remains subdued, and this irony is yet to be commented upon by the economists.

Shining Israel

Political instability remains irrelevant in Israel. The all-round success of Israel in all walks of life, while becoming tech hot zone, has made Islamic countries mend their relations with Tel Aviv.

The Times of India in its Editorial has sought to make a sense of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu making his bid to return to power in the fifth election in Israel in the last four years. The daily shed spotlight on the success story of Israel – 5.2 per cent GDP growth, highly successful Covid-19 management, booming tech sector that raised $25 billion last year, signing Abraham Accord, deepening ties with Islamic nations in the Middle East.

The daily argued that Israel is a lesson in policy stability for other nations, while urging India to expedite the Free Trade Agreement with Tel Aviv.

Take a bow girls in Iran

Iran reminds that people are killed for not wearing a shred of cloth in a particular fashion. Over 250 people have been killed in Iran so far, while the rogue Islamic regime there kills young girls for rejecting hijab.

The Economic Times has condemned the Ali-Khamenei-led Islamic regime for announcing that 1000 people arrested in Tehran would be indicted in mass trial for sabotage. Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman, was dragged out of her car on September 16 for not wearing hijab properly and given fatal injuries with her head smashed against pavements, which killed her. Several girls have faced similar fate afterwards. The business daily dwelt on the protest theme in Iran ‘Zan, Zendegi, Azadi’ (women, Life, Freedom).

The daily lauded the courage of the women in Iran. But it stopped short of questioning the global silence and even lack of empathy in world capitals, including New Delhi, for the pain and trauma of the girls and women in Iran. New Delhi has hardly seen even a candle march in solidarity with the women in Iran. 

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1 thought on “Modi has fiscal advantage; Shining Israel; Take a bow girls in Iran

  1. A lot of details on India’s economy with focus on increase in direct tax collections. CGT collections also on high side, but overall growth is not so accordingly due to subsidies given by Govt.
    – Proud to see the courage shown by Iran young girls and women fighting for the basic rights. We need to support them.
    – Israel has set an example showing high GDP and business, managing Covid-19 so effectively.

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