‘Mandal’ Congress; Sisodia Singed; Zoonotic Diseases

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‘Mandal’ Congress

Several dailies have commented on the 85th plenary session of Congress held in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The Asian Age lamented that Congress remains yoked to ‘Old Guard’. The Hindu too rued that the grand old party is without space for the fulfilment of aspirations of subalterns. The Telegraph has hailed Congress for unveiling a blueprint of structure of governance that is egalitarian. The Kolkata-based daily has said that Congress’ vision of “inclusive welfarism” seeks to challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tirade against ‘revdi (freebies) culture’. The Hindu has said that Congress’ sharp focus on social justice is a paradigm shift for the party.

Long ago, political commentator Harish Khare called Congress a status quoist party. Decades fail to move Congress. The Opposition party remains in love with cosmetics. The party is averse to true internal democracy. Welfarism push is also not new, for Congress since 2014 has been calling for minimum income scheme among others, while going aggressive with dole outs to women and revival of Old Pension Scheme. Congress now advocates creation of a ministry of the other backward castes (OBCs). Congress is late in catching up ‘Mandal’ bus.

Sisodia Singed

Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia’s ordeals may be prolonged, for the onus on accessing bail under Prevention of Corruption Act is on the accused. Also, India since 1990s has a thick history of politicians remaining mired in corruption cases. Late Sukh Ram is the titan of such politicians. The Asian Age in an Editorial has said that the policies concerning liquor or Excise Policy always invites the suspicion of corruption. The daily has said that proving the graft charges are, however, not that easy. The daily also stated that the investigative agencies have retrieved deleted files and also digitally recorded meetings, while there is an alleged involvement of a ‘South Group’.

The business of liquor across the country gives a semblance of dark web of fraudsters partying with the policy makers. This may be on account of the moral hypocrisy of the society. Revenues which otherwise could have been spent for the wellbeing of the people fatten the politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen. Sadly, spectacles are galore, but no serious intent is visible to break the vicious cycle.

Zoonotic Diseases

The Economic Times has in an Editorial cautioned the people about the rise of viral diseases in West Bengal. The business daily has called for greater surveillance and preventive healthcare. The daily has said that there is a clear trend of the rise in cases of zoonotic diseases attributed to virus, bacteria and fungi on account of the man-animal coexistence in the shared space.

The Covid-19 has made the Indian healthcare wiser about the scope of the virus and bacteria borne diseases. The health intelligence system is, however, suspect. The states have not yet been spending enough on healthcare in pursuit of expenditure which brings votes to ruling parties.

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