Liz lessons; Arvind Kejriwal’s pollution buffoonery; China’ big daddy love for terror

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Liz lessons

In three months, three British Prime Ministers have been blown away. Conservative darling Liz Truss lasted 45 days in office, ridiculed in Parliament for most days for timidity to face scrutiny of MPs, while her financial recklessness bore signatures of a school kid solving crisis of stagflation.

The Times of India in its lead Editorial has warned that India too must take lessons from the winds of fury against the politics of populism amid knockdown to the norms laid down in the Fiscal Responsibility and Budgetary Management Act by Centre and the states. The daily underlined that stagflation – a combination of high inflation and low growth — in the UK is creating economic havoc, and Truss rocked the boat with her failed plans for unfunded tax cuts and unplanned growth.

The UK was in the top five largest economies, not because of inherent strength, but looted global resources, principally from India, and now the country is facing Ukraine War test, for the weight of its borrowing-funded economy is too heavy now to make the imminent possibility of collapse realistic. In India, states such as Punjab, West Bengal and Delhi have blown away their fiscal health in their bids to buy votes, and their tribe is now growing with lightning speed.

Let people breathe in Delhi

Delhi government has banned use, manufacture, sale and storage of all fireworks. This is a run of the mill step that the Delhi government resorts to each year, suggesting yawning interest of the Arvind Kejriwal-led dispensation in tackling pollution in the national capital.

The Economic Times in its Editorial has termed that desperate situations demand desperate measures. The daily has argued the green crackers as per the findings of the National Green Tribunal too cannot be allowed since Delhi doesn’t even have the moderate or poor air quality to allow the indulgence.

The business daily, however, lets Kejriwal escape scrutiny for his rank failure in persuading Punjab government to stop farmers setting their farmland on fire. The Aam Aadmi Party is ruling both Delhi and Punjab, and Kejriwal isn’t that novice that he wouldn’t know that the people in Delhi cannot breathe during October-December because of Punjab farmers burning the crop residue. The Economic Times here does injustice to the fairness in critiquing by handing over Kejriwal bouquet full of praises for his rank incompetence.

China’ big daddy love for terror

China should now be known as the big sympathizer of terrorists. Beijing by its veto action at the United Nations has demonstrated that China has no stake in the key global concerns, which include terrorism.

“Since June, New Delhi and Washington have made five such proposals, with China placing a hold on each. This includes Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar’s brother Rauf Asghar and LeT leaders Abdur Rahman Makki (Hafiz Saeed’s brother-in-law), 26/11 handler Sajid Mir and the latest listing requests for Talha Saeed (Hafiz Saeed’s son) and Shahid Mehmood, who is charged with recruitment and collection of funds for the terror group,” The Hindu commented in its Editorial.  

But that is well known, since China and Pakistan are bound by no limits friendship, and that also includes their stakes in crimes against humanity by promoting the nursery of terrorism. What’s baffling is New Delhi’s vacillation in cracking whip against China on diplomatic and economic fronts. Even while the US has cut down its imports from China, India continues to allow ballooning trade balance in favour of Beijing, and Chinese thugs could run Apps for instant loans for over three years without being noticed until people began committing suicide.

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