Kate Middleton: Social media debates Covid & cancer linkages

Kate Middleton (Image credit X@yashar)

Kate Middleton (Image credit X@yashar)

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Experts battle Covid ‘misconceptions’ amid claims of cancer linkages

By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, March 27: People, at least in India, are now hardly taking vaccines against Covid-19. The worst pandemic of the century is now behind humanity. But questions are lingering about the vaccines brought out in record times to battle the pandemic.

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, disclosed last week that she was being treated for cancer. The People, a news portal, said that Middleton after weeks of speculation of her whereabouts disclosed that she was being treated for cancer. Middleton, a royal family member, in a video message said that she had already gone through a surgery.

Brian Krassenstein, who introduces himself with an artificial background interest, posted the video message of Middleton to make an argument that Covid vaccines shouldn’t be blamed for cancers. He wrote: “Yes, cancer cases are going up. But there is no scientific evidence to link cancer to the Covid-19 vaccines.” Krassenstein also stated that there is no evidence to link cancer to Covid or mRNA Covid vaccines.

Experts are warning that raging debate on the social media about the Covid mRNA vaccines and cancer could fuel another wave of vaccine hesitancy. Social media users have for the past two years have also been doing loud-thinking on reasons for sudden deaths after massive heart attacks. Videos of the young men and women dying suddenly after heart attacks have trended on the social media platforms in the last two years.

CTV News, a Canadian news portal, reported that experts are battling the “raging misconceptions about mRNA Covid vaccines and cancer”. It reported: “The most widely debunked claim is that mRNA vaccines cause cancer because of the presence of the monkey virus DNA”. The news portal added that “such claims were heard in the Congressional (the US) hearings on vaccine injuries”.

However, the portal mentioned that experts have refuted claims of any causal links between Covid and cancer. The experts have also rejected claims that mRNA vaccines could manipulate the human DNA.

Pierre Kory, a doctor who claims to have developed Covid protocol, shared an article by ‘Midwestern Doctor’ headlined ‘Perils of vaccinating when you are already infected’. Kory commented: “Prior to Covid, Gardasil was the worst vaccine unleashed upon America and like now its issues were covered up to sell more shots. Did you know if you already had HPV, Gardasil made you more likely to get cervical cancer.”

Liz Highleyman, a medical journalist, shared data to argue that the cancer cases had alarmingly been rising even before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. She shared an article by Nature which stated that between 1990 and 2019, the incidence of 29 cancers had been rising among the people under the age of 50 years. It added that the incidence was more for women. The Nature had argued that while mortality had come down the absolute number of deaths due to cancer had risen.

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