Iranian regime bows to girls; Weaponising oil; Urban boredom

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Iranian regime bows to girls

Thuggish regimes in Iran and China tested the limits of tolerance of the people, and ended up with eggs on their faces following extraordinary blowbacks. Iran was killing girls for hijab dress code, and China had turned its people into guinea pigs in the name of ‘Zero Covid Policy’. Both the regimes are now making concessions to avert popular uprising.

The Hindu in its Editorial, while commenting on Iran disbanding the moral police, which had killed Mehsa Amini, 22-year-old, woman after dragging her out of a car, noted that the Ayatollah regime is faced with the dilemma whether to tighten grip further and invite more blowback or initiate gradual social and political reform. The Chennai-based daily also noted that two terms each of the moderate faces – Mohammad Khatami and Hassan Rouhani – brought no reforms, and only added to pent up frustration among the people. The Pioneer also opined that perhaps Ayatollahs have blinked. The daily stated that there is no confirmation yet to disbanding of the morality police, while the state run media have reported that the regime would remain firm with Hijab rules.

In the pursuit of freedom from repressive regimes, there is no scope for half way measures. Thugs will remain thugs, and they may wear the cloth of religion to hide their monstrosity. Little concessions that Iran and China yield should confirm the protestors in Iran and China that they are on the right side of justice.         

Weaponising oil

The G7 price cap threatens to weaponise oil, which may affect developing countries. Europe is starving of fossil fuels, and still pursues that it could cripple Russia by imposing a price cap of $60 per barrel on Ural oils. This again is a half measure, for there is no ban on shipments and insurance, while Russia trades will through land with China.

The Economic Times in its Editorial has called the G7 action pointless, arguing that the market forces are too strong to allow the measure to give any gains. Asia is de-coupled with Europe on anti-Russia measures, argued the ET, while decrying the economic warfare.

Russia-Ukraine War is showing no signs of wrapping up anytime soon. They can continue with ware for years. Asia and the developing countries indeed have no business in supporting the western nations, as they are in the habit of turning blind eyes to Asian problems.  

Urban boredom

The Election Commission in an unusual move came down heavily against urban voters after the first phase polling in Gujarat, issuing a statement to slam apathy of the electorate from Shimla to Surat. This was weird. The voters do express their rejection of the existing political lots by not voting, and sometimes their anger against the politicians is so strong that they take the pain to go to the polling booths and press the NOTA button.

An educated and morally upright voter may not have any choice to vote for in the existing polity, which is dominated by semi-educated, criminals, money bags and those who may not be worthy of being invited in the homes of the cultured people. The Times of India is mild in its assessment, arguing that the urban middle class has diminished representation in the existing polity, while ruing that despite contributing 60 per cent of the GDP they get in return filth, as no real transfer of power to the urban bodies has taken place in the country.      

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