Indian Parliament protects interests of citizens, Om Birla tells G20

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By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, October 7: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has said that smooth transfer of power according to people’s mandate has been a specialty of India’s Constitution and democracy.

Speaking at the concluding session of the G20 presiding officers of Parliaments of member countries on Friday, Birla said: “Our Parliament protects the interests of the citizens of the country and guides in making laws and policies to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the people.”

On the strategies to deal with the challenges being faced by the world in the 21st century, Birla observed that “we should all lay emphasis on shared efforts, regular sharing of best practices and dialogue to deal with the future challenges”. Regular dialogue and shared efforts should guide our Parliaments to innovate within our sovereignty and to tackle and solve challenges, Birla added.

He reiterated that India believes that global prosperity, economic opportunities and challenges are interlinked subjects. He opined that Parliaments of the G-20 Member countries should collectively contribute to the strengthening of parliamentary and community participation mechanisms in governance, taking into account shared visions and their concerns.

Birla invited his counterparts to the ninth summit of the G20 next year in New Delhi. “India looks forward to welcoming all the representatives of the P-20 countries next year,” said Birla.

In his remarks at the closing ceremony of the 8th Summit of Speakers of G-20 Parliaments (P20) in Jakarta, Indonesia, Birla said that the summit which began on October 6, 2022 concluded with a purposive note that the spirit of mutual cooperation is the foundation of success of G-20.

Parliament of Indonesia hosted the G20 Summit for the presiding officers.

Addressing Presiding Officers of G-20 Parliaments on the theme “Effective Parliament, Vibrant Democracy”, Birla reiterated that India has always supported a rules-based international order. “It is in this spirit that India has called for supporting multilateralism for global peace and stability so that we can unite to address the challenges facing the world and find solutions in accordance with the aspirations of the people,” he observed.

Observing that in the changing context, the engagement of the people with democratic institutions has enhanced further through technology, Birla said that India’s goal is to connect the youth with Parliament and accordingly various programmes are being organized by Parliament of India for their active participation.

On the debate on “Emerging Issues – Food and Energy Security, and Economic Challenges”, Birla said that global instability caused by COVID-19 has created a food and energy security crisis across the world. “This has significantly increased concerns regarding food and energy security for developing countries and weaker sections of society,” said Birla.

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