Hiroshima Huddle; Ploughing Pakistan; Bengaluru Blemish

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Hiroshima Huddle

Since 2001, G7 (earlier G8 with Russia) has been going in a huddle to form views on global issues for a common plan of action. The Hiroshima Summit was held in the shadow of the Ukraine War, and predictably Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy grabbed all attentions, underlined The Telegraph in its Editorial.

The Kolkata-based daily asked the spokespersons of the government to guard against vanity, as the Indian spotlight was more on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stock among the world leaders. The daily argued that G7 struck consensus on plan of action over Russia but the group was divided on China.

The daily has rightly called for sharp Indian diplomacy, for challenges are set to grow manifold for India as G7 remains equivocal on China and slaps fresh batches of sanctions against Russia. Indian national interests would be served better by gaining heft in G7 on concrete matters even while the group is widely slammed for a photo shooting shop.

Ploughing Pakistan

The May 9 violence in Pakistan may go down as a turning point in the history of Pakistan, because, noted The Pioneer in its Editorial, the wings of the most popular leader of the Islamic country Imran Khan is being clipped by the powerful army. The trial of civilians, not sanctioned under the Pakistani Constitution, may ignite the cross institutional fire since the top judges of the Supreme Court have shown to be not pliable to generals.

The Noida-based daily has quoted former Pakistani ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani, saying that the source of power of military comes from deploying forces, and certainly not popularity. The newspaper wondered if Khan will be able to exploit his popularity in his battle against generals.

On the surface, Khan looks to be in a losing game. This is because powerful forces, including the interests of the US and China, may be working against him. The next few months may set the course for Pakistan.      

Bengaluru Blemish

A young Infosys engineer died while stuck in a car in one of the most sought after area of Bengaluru after the vehicle was drowned, and The Asian Age has expressed shock and dismay at the death of Banurekha, who was only 22 years old.

The daily lamented that while billions of taxpayers’ money is spent to meet the expenses of ministers, politicians, babus going abroad for studies, the people in the big cities continue to suffer because of the municipal apathy.

Undeniably, this is not the first incident in Bengaluru and neither would it be the last, for the politicians in Karnataka have done their best to help the land mafia to raise housing and commercial complexes on drains and waterbodies to choke the city.

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